When The Stars Align…A perfect desk for my girls

What happens when you:

A) have a little girl who would love to have a desk in her room, BUT…

B) her room is the size of a shoebox, and

C) playing school is her favorite thing on the face of this EARTH.

D) Then you get on Facebook to see someone in your town is selling some old student desks for $10 (and not only that, is generously donating all the money back to the school!)

The answer:

Magic happens.

small room desk solution


small room desk solution

I bought two – one for my other girl’s room too – once her room makeover is done, I’ll show that one to you. You should have heard the squeals of delight when they came home and saw these. I was going to give it some spray paint action, but the color is perfect in there, and I’m digging the worn out look. What do you think?

I paired it with this old bench I picked up for a couple bucks at a yard sale several years ago. You can see that post here. At first I placed a chair there, but the room is so small that it just seemed to take up more space than I wanted. This bench was perfect. I know people are saying chevron is on its way out and all, but this color in that fabric is just SO RIGHT in there, that I’m keeping it for now.

small room desk solution

The only – and I mean ONLY – spot this desk could go is at the foot of the bed, which happens to be right in front of her DIY Dry Erase Board. Perfect for the teacher! For the record – she put each and every one of those things on her desk. IMMEDIATELY. Not bad for a 6 year old, huh?!

small room desk solution

Don’t you just love that she included an apple?! I die.

small room desk solution

I’d say that’s ten bucks extremely well spent. 🙂


  1. LOVE this! and i think the desk is perfect just the way it is! (even though i am a big fan of your paint jobs, hehe.)

  2. beautiful and the fact that she loves it makes it perfect!

  3. Perfection! Very cute!

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