Summertime…and the Livin’s Easy: Summer Buffet Decor

I am on total Summer Brain lately. Forgot I never posted my buffet table decorated for the season.

Probably because it was so simple and easy it almost didn’t seem blogworthy. I put up my Summer Pinwheel Wreath from Craft Night, my DIY Crab Art, some hydrangeas, mason jars filled with sand and candles, and called it a day. Nothing over the top, but hey, it’s Summertime, and as the song goes, the livin’s easy. Just like my decor;)


I did add a piece of fabric that I already had, as a runner, and super observant readers might notice the new lamp. (Target Threshold line, of course!)

Oh, and I threw in a picture of the five of us taken last summer, for some balance.

That DIY Board that I use as a backdrop is one of my favorite things I’ve done. I have so much fun decorating that thing every season. That post got lost in the Big Ol’ Blog Hack of January, but I promise, that’s going to be my next post – I’m going to rewrite it because I’ve had a lot of inquiries about that one. It’s so great for someone like me, who suffers from Obsessive Decorating Disorder. I can switch things up for every season, holiday, whenever the mood strikes.

And another bonus?

It hides the light switches:)


Do you see that there? Behind the lamp shade?


I can still access it very easily, yet it’s hidden. WIN-WIN!

So that’s the easy breezy Summer Buffet. In a perfect world, it could stay like this forever…goodness I love this season!




  1. Sherri S. says:

    So pretty! I love the hydrangeas. Definitely perfect for summer 🙂

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Love the pinwheel wreath! What a clever idea 🙂

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