DIY Crab Art


It’s what Maryland does.

All summer long, we can’t get enough.

So this idea popped in my head the other day…

I was looking at my buffet table that I like to decorate for the seasons, and it needed something.

A sign perhaps?


Or maybe…


A crab would be just perfect for some summer decor…

‘Cept I don’t have a crab stencil.

That’s never stopped me before;)

I googled images of crabs. Kinda sorta traced my computer screen with some of my kids’ thin paper, kinda sorta wung it.

I picked up a piece of unfinished wood from Michaels, and checked my craft paint stash for the colors I wanted. I was set.


Then I painted just one thin, light coat of white craft paint onto the wood.


Then I used the red (called Love Bird, by Martha Stewart), for the border.


After that dried, it was time to attempt the crab.

I cut it out and traced it (lightly) onto the painted wood.


Once it was traced, I filled it in with aqua (Martha Stewart ‘Pool’) craft paint.

I went lightly because I knew I’d be distressing it when it was done. (P.S. Distressing is AWESOME for hiding mistakes too, which is why I love it the most;)


Once it was dry (doesn’t take long since the paint is such a thin coat), I took a piece of sandpaper and sanded the whole thing, including the red border.


I took it outside for this step so it wouldn’t make too much of a mess in my house!


Even if crabs aren’t your thang, you could do this project with anything…


…no stencil? No problem!

Now, pass the Old Bay:)


  1. This is so cute! My parents need one of these for their beach house:)

  2. Lynn Haag says:

    Such a great idea (and since I’m in Florida I could make shells, dolphins, turtles,……endless ideas – thanks!

  3. Christie says:

    This is so fabulous! I can’t believe that you traced your computer screen. Why didn’t I think of that ? I don’t do much arts and crafts because I think on it too much. Do I have the right tools etc ? I love how you just go and knock it out!

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