Girls Craft Night: BYOC (Bring Your Own Craft)

Finally had the girls over for our monthly craft night – ahem, which was *slightly* over a month this time – MAN does life get in the way sometimes!

Anywho, it was a small bunch of us this time but we had a great time…drinking wine, eating brownies, craftin’, and girl time. What could be better?!

Instead of going with a theme this month, we decided to make it a BYOC month – Bring Your Own Craft. Whatever you felt like making, just bring whatever you need.

One friend made initials for her kids’ rooms (they even got to pick out their own paper, which I thought was a cute idea:). Just some wooden letters, scrapbook paper, scissors and Mod Podge.


PicMonkey Collage2

Robots, Pirates, and Animals. Cute!

Another friend updated a plain wooden tray she had by spray painting it a bright fun blue, and mod podging some scrapbook paper onto it, then a bold orange K for their last name in the center.



And someone else took a map and cut out a heart shape around our hometown. Mod Podged it on scrapbook paper, and painted the frame white.


Please excuse the awful quality of these phone pictures! My husband had the good camera out at a photo shoot. Oops:( Doesn’t do these cute projects justice! Sorry girls.

I decided to make a pinwheel wreath. I needed something to replace the “Happy Spring” that’s been up on my Buffet Table Board. I think pinwheels are so fun and they’d be perfect for a summer-y theme.

I used a cardboard ring wreath, scrapbook paper (a lot I already had leftover – this is a great use for leftover scraps!), hot glue, and buttons.


I cut out all the paper into 5 inch squares. Then I cut 4 slits like this:


Again, blurry terrible photos. Arghhh.

Then, I took one corner, and glued it down. Then another corner. And another. And another. Then hot glued the button in the center. Like this:

PicMonkey Collage

I just hot glued them all over the wreath, and it was looking cute!


But then I thought it needed a little something. I had leftover burlap in my craft stash, so I cut out 6 triangles and hot glued them together. Glued a little string of jute on each end so I could attach this mini banner to the wreath, and used white craft paint to write the letters s-u-m-m-e-r…


I just taped the jute strings to the back of the wreath.


NOW it’s complete! (Oh, and it’s so light that I taped the wreath onto the board. Fancy, I know. I’m nothing if not fancy.)


What is it about pinwheels that’s just so FUN?


And since Summer = FUN, this pinwheel wreath is perfection for Summer decor. Am I right?!

The rest of the buffet isn’t complete, which is why you’re only seeing the board at the moment;)


Getting there though!

So that was this month’s craft night. The girls and I just decided June’s craft and I think you’re gonna love it – stepping outside our box a bit…stay tuned!


  1. Such cute crafts!! All of them!! I’m thinking of trying the pinwheel wreath – how cute is that?! Would be super cute in red, white and blue paper – (Memorial Day & July 4th!). As always, thanks for your inspiration!

  2. Sherri S. says:

    So many cute crafts. Your pinwheel wreath is so neat! I also love the heart map idea. Such great crafts!

    Have a blessed weekend 🙂

  3. Rondell says:

    Beautiful pinwheel wreath, you did a great job and you make it look so easy! I just may try it!

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