Freshening Up Your Space

This time of year always makes me wanna fiddle around my house. Ok, ok, ANY time of year makes me do that, let’s be honest;), but this post-holiday/pre-spring lull really gets me in ‘freshening up’ mode. Translation: I don’t really have the energy or motivation to do huge makeovers (that usually hits me when we hit window-opening weather), but I’m tired of looking at the same ol’ stuff, so I fiddle. And fiddle. And maybe fiddle a little more. Nothing major, just quick little changes that give me a lift when I walk into the room, you know? Thought I’d share with you some of the ways I freshen up around the house. They’re quick (well, some quicker than others), inexpensive ideas that hopefully give you a perk as the snow continues to fall. And fall. And fall.

1. Rearrange some furniture.

My favorite way to freshen up a room is to rearrange. It just never gets old. I LOVE walking into a room and getting hit with that new feeling. Even something as simple as switching out some end tables can give you a lift.


2. Shop your house.

I do this all. the. time. When I don’t want to (or can’t!) spend a lot of money, but want to do something different, I always look around the house before spending a dime. Sometimes the perfect thing is right under my nose (or in this case, roof). Remember when I took Reagan’s bookcase and swapped it out for the entry bench? It’s just fun.


3. Paint the back of a bookcase a bold color.

If you don’t have bookcases, anything will do – paint the inside of a cabinet, or drawer – it’s just a fun way to throw in a pop of color. If you’ve always wanted hot pink in your house but live with a a bunch of boys (or girls – not everyone digs pink;) that would hate it, paint the inside of your medicine cabinet or nightstand drawers with it. It’ll make you smile and it’s just that unexpected surprise that hits you when you open it. A little effort and paint (grab a sample for just a couple bucks at any home improvement store), goes a long way.

DSC_0541 (2)

3. Switch out your throw pillows.

I know a lot – ok, most people think I’m crazy, but I switch out my throw pillows with the seasons. I get excited to bust out the orange and golds come Fall, and the snowflake ones in Winter. Replacing ALL your throw pillows can get pricey, but even just picking up one or two new ones (think Marshalls and HomeGoods where you can find one for 10 bucks) will give your couch an update. I’m always amazed how much difference one little throw pillow can make!


4. Fresh flowers.

I mean, enough said. When you need to lift your spirits in what feels like an endless winter, what does it more than fresh flowers, am I right? Hit your local grocery store and your kitchen feels fresher and happier for less than ten bucks!


5. Restyle a shelf.

You don’t have to rearrange an entire room to get a sense of newness. Clear out your bookcases (bonus: good time to dust!) and rearrange the shelves. Move those vertical books to a horizontal position. Stick a picture frame where that candlestick was. Got a cute mug you never use? Stick some of those fresh flowers  from #4 in it and plop it on the shelf:). No one else might pick up on the change, but YOU will.

DSC_0082 (2)

6. Remove a cabinet door.

Ok, this might require a little more work, but it’s a fun little project. You know how crazy I am about open shelves. It’s not for everyone, but if you think it might be for you, test your theory with removing one cabinet door. Like one that sits alone or doesn’t look plain weird that it’s the only one without a door, know what I’m saying. Like your spice cabinet, or the one for cookbooks above your oven/microwave set-up. Simple unhinge it with a screwdriver, and live with it for a little while. If you end up liking it, paint the backs that bold color we talked about, and fix it up all cute with your best dishes. Oh, and don’t forget to use some wood filler and paint to patch up those holes;)


7. Paint an interior door.

In 30 minutes, go from boring white to fab color! Don’t know why I’ve lived with white doors for so long!


8. Corral all your stuff.

Have a cute tray? It’s a amazing how lovely and neat things look when they’re gathered together. A nightstand is perfect for this – a favorite picture in a small frame, your lotions and potions (if you’re like me and have to do all that moisturizing in the dead of winter!), the book I’m reading, and alarm clock…it just looks so much more polished sitting on a tray than loose all over the nightstand. Trays can be very inexpensive. Extremely inexpensive if you take my route and fix up an old cookie sheet! Coffee station is another example. Place your favorite mugs, sugar bowl, etc all on a tray and your morning ritual just got sweeter. And special. Don’t have a tray? Turn a shelf into a special spot! Simple, but just a nice little way to freshen things up a bit.

DSC_0092 (2)

So those are my favorite inexpensive ways to spruce things up around our home during these cold winter days when I lack the motivation and energy needed for big changes. It’s just enough to give me a lift until I can see green grass and open up the windows to hear the birds chirping again!

What’s your favorite ways to freshen up your space?


  1. Love this post. I am a HUGE seasonal/monthly decorator. I love the idea of the throws and the pillows. I don’t do this, but now you’ve got me thinking….

    I find just sprucing up the mantel helps with my winter funk. Check it out here…

    I’m loving all your white and pops of color. It’s really making me want brighten up my family room!

    If you are ever interested in guest blogging, we ( would be thrilled either way!

  2. As I’m sitting on my sofa looking around at ALL of my white doors I’m thinking “note to self: paint laundry room door aqua”. Yes, why not?! Thanks for the reminder Liz!

  3. Cookie sheet link doesn’t work. 🙁 I will check back later

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