Monogrammed Tray from Old Cookie Sheet

What’s with me and cookie sheets?! Just like the one I used for the DIY sisal tray, this cookie sheet was beyond done. And by done, I mean, should never be used again…unless of course, you have a can of spray paint handy, and if that’s the case, by all means, make yourself a tray!

For the life of me I can’t find the before picture, so I took a shot of the back, just so you can see what fantastic condition it was in;)

Trust me, the other side was much worse.

Since I had some Valspar Tropical Oasis spray paint on hand (leftover from some kitchen accessories), I just went with that. Gave it a couple quick coats and done.

Went on my computer and found a font that I liked, made my W pretty big, and printed it out.

Then I cut the INSIDE out of the W, so I could fill it in with paint.

I laid it on the cookie sheet, and filled it in with some white acrylic paint and a foam brush.

I knew it wouldn’t have the look I wanted, but I used this technique anyway, knowing I would “fix” it with my teeny tiny paintbrush. You know, give it a more finished look.

I wanted to use painter’s tape for a crisp border around the W, but I was running extremely short on tape, so I just used it on the edges, and tried my best to make a straight line on the other side that wasn’t taped;)

Just kept painting until it was nice and white, peeled the tape off, and done! Not even sure where this will end up…possibly on an end table in our new family room (stay tuned for that exciting news in a post later this week!)? You could use it for whatever…like maybe some coasters and stuff…or keys and mail…

Or perhaps leaning on a shelf?

I don’t care where it ends up, all I know is I now have a cute little tray and didn’t pay a single penny for it! Next time you’re about to throw out your dingy old cookie sheets, go grab the spray paint instead! Love free decorating, don’t you?!

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