My Biggest Obsession

I have an obsession. Always have, and I’m sure I always will. I come from a long line of rearrangers, so I can’t escape it. It’s in my blood, people.

My name is Liz.

And I just. Can’t. Stop. Rearranging.

Ever since I was a kid, unless something was nailed down to a wall, I would find a way to move it. Doesn’t matter if I weighed 70 pounds, and the item was a grand piano. I’d find a way. And to this day, my poor husband and kids have no idea what they’re about to walk into when they come home. Fortunately for me, they’re excellent sports and never seem to get upset that I have changed their room or the couch or the paint or…well, this list could go on and on. I just think it’s fun to switch things up a lot. And it’s pretty harmless, right? You can always go back. Might need a little spackle or touch up paint in the process, but eh, no biggie;)

You might remember when we got our Christmas tree, I did some rearranging. Yes, I even moved a fully decorated tree – that was sitting in a full basin of water mind you – across the room. While my husband was napping on the couch. He had no idea and woke up to a totally new room. It was hilarious. ANYwho…I ended up LOVING having the loveseat where it was moved to, so I decided when the tree was gone, I was gonna make this work. I might add – I totally did NOT have a problem with the old set up at all – and I’m sure it’ll go back to that old arrangement next week (ha! I kid. Or maybe I don’t…).

So the loveseat used to be under the big window, next to the sofa, like this:


Ah, the Fall family room. Goodness I loved those colors in there!

And the chevron chairs were under the steps:


And now…I’ve swapped them!

Come take a looksey…




Two things I have to say:

1. Forgive my amateur photography skills. I have no idea how to photograph a space with a window and therefore it’s just a bright, blinding spot on the photo. Believe it or not, the Love Tree sits right on those suitcases and you can’t even see it!

2. I’ve had it in my mind to paint the interior of our front door, and after seeing this pic, it’s gonna happen SOON! It’s just screaming for a pop of color, dontcha think?

Moving on…

Even though I loved the room as it was, I do like the brightness and openness it brings, having the window not covered up by the back of the loveseat. And I love the way the sofas are facing each other – it’s just nice for conversation. And you know what? I thought moving the loveseat would mess up the tv viewing spot, because it was directly facing the tv, but we’re lay-down-and-watch-tv kinda people anyway, so it works out even better!


Oh, and no, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you. The ottoman that was in the previous picture has moved. Because it does that. All the live long day.


And before the day’s hour’s end, it will probably end up somewhere else, like in front of the loveseat. They are handy, I must admit.


And I since I moved the green table next to the loveseat, I had to fill in the corner here. So I moved the white table that was originally between the two chairs in the old set-up, and stuck it there. It’s the tallest table in there, so I had to stick the lamp on the map table on some books so the lamp heights matched;). Make do with what ya got, right?


Now, I’m sure you’ll blink and I’ll change it up again, for the moment, this is our Family Room. And I’m digging it!

What about you? Are you a rearrangaholic too, or content with things as they are? Tell me I’m not alone!;)


  1. I’m a total rearrangeaholic too! But unlike you, it drives my family nuts (except our oldest daughter who is a mini-me – she loves it!).

  2. I just love your family room! Whichever way it’s arranged, it’s just gorgeous! 🙂 x

  3. I love it!
    Question: are your bookcases the same color as your walls, with the obvious exception of the interior backs. I love the look, and would like to replicate it in my home. Right now I have unfinished bookcases in my dining room/office.

  4. I love your coffee table. Where did you get it?

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