Bunny Art From Cardboard

First off…

Ohmygosh you guys, thanks SO much for the love for my husband’s post! I was so proud of him – and you guys loved it too! Can I just say for a second, HOW FUNNY IS HE?! My mom calls him our family Seinfeld, and his sense of humor is one of the things I love the very most about him, so I was happy he shared a piece of him with you all in a post. And yes, our son is STILL obsessing over his Mjolnir, which for those of you who aren’t aware, is the PROPER name of Thor’s Hammer. The things you learn when you have a kid, I tell ya.


Today’s post is another trash to treasure story, which is pretty ironic. Or, if you read Paul’s post, not really, considering the amount of junk in our laundry room;)

I was trying to decorate my DIY Wood Backdrop (which, sadly is one of the lost blogs from the tragic Hack of January 2014, may it rest in peace. I’m going to try and rewrite it one of these days, because I do get asked about it frequently). If you remember, it’s some slats of wood attached and painted, and I lean it on our dining room buffet. I switch out the decor for the seaons/holidays, and decided to hang my DIY Spring Banner on it this year.

But it needed something else…

That’s where the trash comes in.

It was a super rainy day…my son had his best bud over and they were playing happily and I got to thinking (dangerous, I know). Shopping was out of the question, so I went down to the laundry/storage room to look around, hoping I’d find just the thing, or at least some inspiration amongst the junk (I swear, we aren’t hoarders) and had an aha! moment.

A big ol’ piece of cardboard sitting there, leaning against the wall, waiting to be recycled. It was staring at me.

I grabbed my stash of leftover cardstock paper.

Scissors. A pencil.

And started.

I sketched a bunny. (And erased it about a bajillionty times. It is HARD to draw a bunny!)


I cut it out, then I grabbed my mod podge, a foam brush, hot glue, and jute.


Again, I APOLOGIZE for my photos! If you haven’t figured it out, I’m kind of a total spaz, and patience is not my strong suit when the wheels are in motion. Going to get the good camera just takes WAY TOO MUCH TIME. My camera phone however, takes two seconds. And that is why my “during” photos stink.
I looked through my paper stash, and decided on a piece of light blue, to bring out the border of my backdrop. I traced the bunny on the paper and cut it out.


Then I used the foam brush to apply a light coat of Mod Podge onto the cardboard, and laid the paper on it immediately. I went over the paper with another very light coat.

Here’s where the jute comes in. Cut cardboard has that thick, raw edge, you know? So I used hot glue to stick a strand of jute on there to hide it.


Worked like a charm.

And we’re done!


Oh, and in case you’re wondering how I got it up there, I used painter’s tape. ‘Cuz that’s how the ND rolls. I’m fancy like that.

I’m not totally happy with the rest of the buffet table just yet, but so far I have an egg runner on there (purchased years ago from Kohl’s, I believe), a basket of straw eggs, some bunnies that were from my childhood that Mom passed down to me (two girls and a boy – hehe!), an egg tree (again, Kohls), and a pitcher of forsythias with eggs hanging on the branches.


OH! Forgot to tell you about the tail – I hot glued a cotton ball. That was an afterthought;)


Welcome Spring! Took you so long to get here, but I *think* you just may have arrived for good this time.

Now go – get digging in your trash! 😉


  1. It’s so simple, but its perfect! Great use of what you have.

  2. Rondell says:

    Really cute and I bet the kids love it!

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