Mr. ND Guest Blogs – DIY Mjolnir (AKA Thor’s Hammer)

They say that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

I’m not sure who said that, but whoever it was has never been in our basement laundry room. Because if they had, they would have considered us the richest people on earth.

I’m not saying there’s a lot of junk down there; I’m saying there’s a TREMENDOUS amount of junk down there. So much in fact, I recently forged a weapon from the remnants of holidays long ago.

Perhaps I should introduce myself first. Hey there, I’m Mr. Naptime Decorator, Mr. ND for short. Known to my closest friends as “that guy whose wife rearranges the living room every new moon”.

But I love her for it.

As you may know, ND and I have a few kids.

Our youngest, let’s just call him “the boy,” has a mild major superhero obsession. It’s cute for now, but I am already planning the intervention should he remain in this state as he enters adulthood. I’d like him to meet a nice girl and move out settle down some day. But dressing up like Green Lantern and taking the bus to the Philadelphia Comic-Con might just keep him single and living in our basement until he’s pushing 40.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that…

As it turns out, he may have inherited his love for all things Marvel from his old man, because what else could explain my ability to look into said pile of basement junk and discover the exact pieces needed to construct a faux weapon to add to his superhero costume collection; Thor’s Hammer. Or, “Mjolnir,” for Marvel Comic Die-Hards.

If you are unfamiliar with Thor, don’t feel bad. I’m sure most of you don’t read comics or have a PHD in Norse Mythology. Just Google actor Chris Hemsworth and tab back when you are done. Here’s a link to save you some time….

Dreamy isn’t he?

He and I share the same bicep measurement, except I measured my thigh. The numbers match though, so I’ll call us even.

Now, on with my project!

I noticed that we had tons of old cardboard boxes, filled with odd shaped chunks of Styrofoam lying near the back corner. You know the kind of foam blocks that keep disassembled furniture pieces safe during shipping.  There were several pieces that were shaped just right. Just like the top of Thor’s Hammer.

Now for a handle. Hmm…I quickly located a wooden pole that we wouldn’t be using anytime soon. In this case an old broom handle with the metal screw thingy still on the top.


I busted out the hack saw and got to work, cutting the pole down to a reasonable length for a 4 year old. I used the metal screw end of the broom handle to force a hole into the styrofoam block. I made sure that the block was upside down, so as I pushed the broom handle into the foam block the foam inside didn’t exit out the top.

The foam I am working with is the cheap press foam, which means it’s literally thousands of small foam pieces compressed together. This product is cheap, easy to break and can make a mess.

You could go all out and purchase some polystyrene sheets from your local hardware store (they’re pink), glue them together and then shave the foam into the same shape with a knife, but that sounds like work to me.

Once the hole was made (only ‘drilled’ about halfway through the block), I emptied the hole of loose foam and then taped up the block with some silver duct tape. The tape will add some weight to the head of the hammer and give it a more realistic metallic look. Do not attempt to spray paint the foam head! The wet paint will shrivel the head and make it look like something from the Flinstone’s. Unless your kid is obsessed with Barney Rubble, in which case, go for it.


After puncturing the tape to find the hole again (and removing loose foam from the hole), apply glue (we used hot glue) to the handle and simply place the handle into the taped up foam block. Sit the hammer upside down on a flat surface and allow the glue to set. If you use hot glue, please be careful because, um it’s HOT! I made the skilled ND do it.


I then drilled a small hole into the bottom of the handle, just large enough to slide some brown string or rope through (I used some old brown shoelaces).  This will be for the handle strap. You can’t call down lighting unless you can swing the hammer and the handle strap is the key.


Then I grabbed some brown electrical tape and wrapped the wooden handle. Use a nail to poke a hole through the taped up handle where the strap hole is.


Insert your small rope or string and tie the open ends off in a double knot, keeping the strap in place.


Present the completed hammer to your child, but only if he/she is worthy. Anyone wielding Thor’s Hammer must adhere to the following: be honorable, loyal, ready to defend the universe versus the forces of evil …and say please and thank you and finish their dinner before receiving a bed time snack.

That’s about it. It’s not an exact replica by any means, but will do the trick. Our son hasn’t put his down, and has been bringing it to the bathroom and dinner table.


Our little man is ready to rule Asgard.

And in typical ND fashion, I didn’t spend a dime! I bet the ND is proud.

Thanks for reading my post and thank you for supporting my wonderful wife and her amazing blog. I couldn’t be more proud.

– Paul, aka Mr. ND


  1. Very cool 🙂

  2. Awesome job Mr. ND!!! Very impressive!!!!! I have a 4 yr old grandson who would love that!!! My husband however is giving me the look like “thank you very much Mr. ND! Love Liz’s blog:) you aren’t too shabby either! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Crafty Paul….I’m impressed!

  4. Cloyer Bulse the Magsman says:

    Odin is smiling from Asgard

  5. Carli Heringer says:

    Love this!!! Great job, Dad!

  6. Lisa Trueper says:

    You’re the COOLEST!! And I love Liz’s blog!!

  7. Oh my gosh! I never comment on your wife’s blogs (just ’cause I don’t know her and I feel a bit awkward, even though I follow them religiously and attempt to copy her fabulous decorating creativity ALL the time), but I just have to give you HUGE props! I love it!! Wish I had a boy just so I could do this 🙂

  8. Rondell says:

    Your wife, blog and family are adorable and I’ve actually made some of her your wifes projects that have turned out great. I
    have a 2 1/2 year old grandson who is so into Batman that in introduces himself as “Batman”. I’m sure your son is so happy and proud that you made that for him…keep up being a good dad you are teaching him so many things that he will remember and use on into adulthood!

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