A Two Dollar Fall Wreath?! Yes, Please!

Before we go any further, in case inquiring minds were wondering…I painted the door Pavestone (AKA Choice #3). It’s a gorgeous color – loved it so much I painted my interior doors the same shade! It’s not *the* best from the outside though. It’s perfectly fine…it just won’t knock any socks off or anything. But turns out, it’s no biggie to paint your front door. It wasn’t hard or expensive. So I’m thinking of going bold in the spring maybe…going to live with this perfectly fine color because know what’s fun about perfectly fine colors?

Your choices of how you decorate that perfectly fine colored door are much greater!

You might remember from the Craft Night post, that I mentioned how awesome my friend’s orange hydrangea wreath would look on my new door? But you know, those gorgeous hydrangeas add up quickly. Even on sale. So I hit up my Dollar Tree today for some inspiration. I bought a couple strands of fall leaves and started cooking up a plan. Couldn’t wait to get home and see if it would turn out or not, and lo and behold, about 15 minutes later, I had a rockin’ bright, fun wreath for my front door…for TWO BUCKS!??

How to Make a Fall Wreath for $2

So easy.

I had a grapevine wreath leftover from an old wreath I wasn’t using anymore (tip: snag those puppies when you see them for cheap! Be on the look out at yard sales for some tacky wreath action, buy it, then throw all the tacky business away. Ta-da! You’re left with a wreath, just waiting for, say, two dollars worth of Fall goodness!

I thought maybe I could just wrap the strands around the wreath, but no-go. I ran out of leaves quickly that way.

So I grabbed my green Christmas wire (this is not the official term, but it’s what we’ve always called it in my family?!), cut some pieces of it that were long enough to secure the strands of leaves in place, and called it a day.

how to make a fall wreath for $2

Hung it on the door, and marveled at my thriftiness;)…

$2 Wreath @DollarTree

Dollar Tree Wreath $2!

Suddenly I’m uhhhhbsessed with my perfectly fine door.

Not bad for $2, right?!


  1. I love the color of your door. And your wreath is so pretty!!! $2 is amazing. 🙂

    Happy Fall…

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