Craft Night: Let’s Get Organized!

Last week was my monthly craft night with the girls and we chose organization as our theme. I mean, who couldn’t use a little more order in their life, amIright?

Being that I could no longer see what color my dresser was these days, I made the jewelry organizer I posted the other day…

DIY jewelry organizer

But here’s a few more fun projects for you to enjoy!

The genius, yet ridiculously simple and easy headband organizer:

DIY headband organizer

All you need to make this is two piece of ribbon (one wider than the other), hot glue, and an embellishment for the top.

Just dab hot glue down the wider strip of ribbon, and glue the thinner piece on the hot glue so it’s raised – resembling a loop. Attach a cute flower embellishment to the top and stick headbands in it! Voila!

Craft Night

craft night

I could really use one of these with our ginormous collection of headbands around here!

Then there’s this cute upcycle – an old dry food canister (like an oatmeal one) wrapped in cute scrapbook paper using Mod Podge:

craft night

hairbands organizer

Headbands can go around it, and all those elastic hairbands can go inside! Again, could really use one of these around here;)

Then check out this cute frame my friend made for her daughter’s hair bows and headbands –

chicken wire hair bow organizer

She painted an old frame, and sanded it a little to give it a little distressed look. Stapled chicken wire to the back, and drilled little holes in the bottom for hooks. LOVE IT!

craft night

craft night

I’ve been wanting to try a chicken wire project for so long now, might have to give this a try.

And finally, one of my friends had been meaning to complete this wreath for a while, so she bagged the organization theme (yes, that’s allowed;) hehe) and brought supplies to do this awesome project:

orange hydrangea wreath

orange hydrangea wreath

Simple, yet so so lovely – just a wire wreath form and orange hydrangeas. And YES, I’m making this too! It’s gonna look awesome on my new door!! (Stay tuned for that one – I chose a color!)

Hope these projects inspire you to go get organized! I was so inspired, I even tackled my biggest junk drawer the other day…WHO IS THIS WOMAN???!


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