Old Framed Picture Turned Jewelry Organizer

Lately, the top of my dresser has been hiding…

…under my jewelry! Seriously. It was getting out of control. I just didn’t have any place to put it all, so I knew it was time to figure this out. I wish I had taken a picture of it so you could see just how bad it was getting.

So for this month’s craft night (I’ll be posting the rest of the goodies soon!), we all decided to make something that would help us get organized. I thought a jewelry organizer would be PERFECT!

I went to my craft stash and looked around…I spotted this kinda big picture frame. Not sure if it was a yard sale find, or my mom was getting rid of it and sent it my way, or what, but here it is (was)…


I had paint.

I had an old curtain to use as some fabric.

I just needed some cork and I could make this work.

I removed the glass, and painted the frame using some grey paint I had in my stash.

Grabbed a four pack of cork tiles at Michaels, and cut them to fit the cardboard. They even come with some nifty tape, so I was all set!


I decided to save myself a trip to JoAnn’s for fabric, and instead just use a white curtain I had that we don’t use anymore. I thought I could just stencil a pattern on it with one of my many stencils;)

To make the fabric stay put on the cork, I sprayed some adhesive tacky upholstery spray I had on hand – just sprayed it on the fabric and stuck it on the cork. I made sure it was nice and smooth – no bubbles – and we were in business.


Terrible blurry picture, sorry! I swear, I had only had one glass of wine at this point! 😉 hehehe…

You’ll notice that’s the back of the cardboard. The cork is on the front.

Then I placed it in the painted (dry!) grey frame….


…and started stenciling. I grabbed some leftover Sherwin Williams’ Rainwashed from the bathroom makeover, and a Martha Stewart stencil and dabbed away.


Once it was dry, I stuck some silver pushpins in it and went to town with my jewelry!

DIY jewelry organizer using old picture frame

Frame turned Jewelry Organizer

I hung it on the wall right outside the bathroom, and I like how the Rainwashed color ties in!

DIY Jewelry organizer

For the stud earrings, I simply stuck them in there. As far as the backings go, for some reason I’m always losing backings and only have a few anyway, and I use them on whichever studs I happen to be wearing at the moment;) So they’re on the gold hoops near the top, and when I’ll be wearing studs, I’ll just take them off the gold hoops. Problem solved!

old frame turned jewelry organizer

I can’t even tell you how nice it feels to have my dresser top back. It’s so clean and empty, I don’t even know how to act!

Gotta love the price tag too…a couple cork tiles and I’ve got a brand new piece of art AND jewelry organizer? I’ll take it!

old picture frame turned jewelry organizer



  1. Love it! You have amazing vision! If you ever decide to open a decorating biz outside your home…I want to be your first customer! <3

  2. Carli Heringer says:

    Adorable. As usual! I may have to try this one. 🙂

  3. I need one of these!!

  4. l FINALLY made my own jewelry organizer!! I totally copied yours but skipped one step – I was wandering around the Goodwill after buying the perfect size (and perfect priced) frame and was wondering what fabric I had at home to cover it. I wandered over to the linen dept and found a fitted sheet but it was white with almost the same design as your stencil in AQUA! I’m not kidding! It was almost as if the Goodwill God was watching over me. So I just cut the sheet, ironed it and placed it on top of my corkboards w/ adhesive spray and it was done! Thank you for your inspiration! Now my necklaces are all beautifully displayed (and maybe I’ll even wear them now!).

    • Yay!!! That’s an awesome story, thanks so much for sharing! You’re so right – I find myself wearing my jewelry so much more now that I can actually SEE IT! 😉

  5. I haven’t tried the picture frame idea yet, but you gave me an idea for a garbage dumpster find. My grandsons had gone to take the garbage to the town trash center. When they came back they had an old spoon display that was on the ground. They thought I might like it. It only had one flaw, a small piece of wood was gone. I put it away until I found the best use for it. After seeing your picture frame idea I found the perfect use for it.I hung it on the wall and just had to decide which necklace to hang up. I was even able to put some pictures of my grandchildren on it. It is beautiful.

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