Paint Those Doors! (…and why I had to let go of my pretty blue one)

Remember last year when I painted that interior door blue? It was such a fun color – I loved it.

BUT…one thing always bugged me about it. That particular hallway has a bajillion-and-one doors. Ok, slight exaggeration. More like four. But it’s a tiny hallway, so it feels like a bajillion-and-one.

painting interor doors

There’s a bathroom, a pantry, an office, and the door to the basement. All within pretty much a square foot.

So the one blue door stuck out like a sore thumb. Like, why did I choose that door, and not the rest? Weird.

And I thought if I painted them all that bright, fun blue, it’d be overkill. I mean, I love blue just about as much as one can love a color, but I thought that bright shade on all four doors would just be too much.

But I wanted to choose a color. One that would stand out enough, but not too much.

Enter Sherwin Williams Pavestone. It’s a lovely chameleon color – sorta greige. I thought it would be just right.

One morning, I picked up a sample, and went to town. Had to prime the lonely blue one first, THEN I went to town. A little while later, and where we first had this:

painting interior doors

We now had this:

painting interior doors

And this side went from this…

painting interior doors

…to this:

painting interior doors

Let’s fast forward to when we rip up those wimpy 1960s baseboards and door trim, and bulk it all up, and do board and batten throughout the hallway. That white is really going to make these doors pop, and a darker color on the top part of the wall…oh man, it’s gonna rock. The list never ends, does it? Hopefully that’ll happen sooner rather than later.

Anywho, I’m loving these doors, even though I parted with my pretty blue. I love that all four doors are in sync with one another, and this color is dreamy to me, with just the right amount of contrast. All good things.

painting interior doors

Seriously, I have no idea why I ever had white doors in the first place. It doesn’t take long, all you really need is a paint sample to do it, and it can really bring those boring ol’ doors to life.

Now go…paint yours! 😉


  1. Looks great, love your color choice! I painted all of mine black about a month ago and love the way it looks. Makes a huge difference in the best way!

  2. Just found this post and I love love love this colour. however being UK based, this brand is not available here. any Idea what the colour match in dulux is (or any other brand that may be available here in the UK)


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