Go Bold in 30 Minutes or Less

We were having a particularly lazy morning at our house. Pretty much since school has let out, my kids are on a schedule of: sleep in, eat breakfast, play outside with neighbors, go to the pool, eat dinner, play with neighbors until dark (or many times past!), go to sleep. And repeat. I think they were actually enjoying some laziness and were hanging on the couch for a little bit after they downed their waffles and OJ. I went downstairs to throw a load of laundry in the washing machine and came upstairs with a paintbrush and aqua paint samples in my hand.

I know, it shouldn’t surprise you by now.

So on a 100% total whim, while the munchkins were engrossed in some Backyardigans, I decided to paint the powder room door. Why? Who knows. These thoughts just enter my brain out of left field and I have to go with them. During this little hallway makeover I was telling you about, I thought it’d be fun to jazz up the door that is at the far end of the hallway. Just wasn’t sure how until I went down to do some laundry and saw the paintbrush just sitting there.

You see, when you enter our house, you are staring at a long hallway. At the end of this long hallway is a boring old white door. And with this lovely neutral shade I’ve painted the walls in, it kinda just looks blah.

Wish I had taken a picture from the other end of the hall so you could get the jist better, but I’m sure you can visualize, right?

So I grabbed two paint samples – one Aqua Sparkle (Olympic), that is on our kitchen walls – it’s VERY light, and Deepest Aqua (Glidden), the deep color of my bedroom dresser. I played mad scientist and mixed them up to get this lovely robin’s egg-y-ish blue. By the time the theme song was playing at the end of the kids’ show, I had this:

It’s just fun to me for some reason. The kids think so too. As they rounded the corner from the family room, they thought it was awesome. “Mommy, you’re painting the door BLUE?!”
Nothing should shock them at this point, really.
This door is seen from the kitchen and dining room also, so that’s why I used this color, which is used in those rooms. (Ok, really it’s because I had those samples already on hand, but shhh.)

Oh, and please don’t look too closely at the kitchen. I did not make it “blog-ready” as I snapped away. There’s some food storage bags on the island, phone chargers sticking out of the baskets…woops.

Here’s the view from the entry, now instead of staring at a white door on a beige wall, we see this!

(That’s my $12 mirror thanks to the Dollar Tree on the left there;)

So thanks to the wiped out kiddos this morning, I tackled a super quick project that packs a punch. I like it!


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