Friday Favorites #25

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Hello friends! Happy almost weekend! Hope this week’s been a great one – Spring has finally sprung here in Maryland (er, should I say Summer – hello 93 degrees?!) which means it’s sandal weather! Which also brings me to my first favorite thing for today’s post!

1. Footbed Sandals

Ok, to be honest, I had no idea that’s what these were called. I’ve always called them my Birks, short for Birkenstocks, even though they are not the real deal. I found these cuties last year at Target and wear them almost daily when it’s warm out. They’re comfy and a great price, too. When I looked them up, they’re still there, one year later! Yay for you in case you wanna go getcha some! 🙂

Bonus points for pairing with crazy comfy jeans that are ripped up and feel like pajamas;) Let’s just ignore the dry patch of skin on my ankle and hairy legs, mmmkay?

Click this affiliate link here: Target Sandals if you want to check them out! (FYI – I am a size 7/7.5 and wear an 8 in this shoe)


2. Sea Salt + Wood + Matte Black + Plant + a Touch of Metal

Well, that’s a mouthful for a favorite thing, huh?! If you caught my post on Wednesday, you saw my latest DIY quick shelf for our bedroom. Seeing the matte black candlesticks combined with the wood, against the Sherwin Williams Sea Salt walls, the cascading plant…it’s a combo that is so soothing to me and just makes my eyes happy:). You just can’t beat Sea Salt (I always ask for 75% so it’s a smidge lighter), and when matched up with these other elements, it’s dreamy.

(A little shiplap doesn’t hurt either;)


3. Community

I live in the same town I grew up in. It’s a little taste of Mayberry (that’s ACTUALLY a quote on the t-shirts of the local snowball joint;). I live in a court, where there are a million kids playing in our front yard at any given moment – regardless of whether or not we’re even home;)! We don’t have grass – instead, we have a baseball diamond for a front yard. You think I’m kidding, but I cross my heart. Pitchers mound, bases out of dirt – we got it. I fantasize about a more secluded life – a farm perhaps, where it’s just the five of us running around the yard, a huge vegetable garden, a little (or maybe a lot!) more breathing room outside. That sounds so heavenly to me. But then I realize, holy cow are we blessed. We run two minutes up the road to get our kids to their baseball practice, where they team up with their buddies from school, and I chat with my friends on the sidelines who are their parents. My cousin’s son is on my son’s team. And her husband is one of my husband’s lifelong friends and assists the coach, who happens to be my dad. We leave the ballgame to grab an ice cream, where we run into at least three people on average. Oh, and the school nurse at the elementary school is my high school friend, as are a couple teachers there. My Bible Study moms are the world, and I called on my craft night pals just the other day to test out a new craft contender and by Thursday night they were in my basement drinking wine and crafting their hearts out.  We have a great thing going here, and I wouldn’t change it for the world. The grass may seem greener on the other side (or at least there’s grass- haha!), but I count my blessings to call this community home. Sometimes we need to stop dreaming about another life and wake up to the gifts of the one we’ve got right in front of us. I need to remind myself of that sometimes, and this week I was so content and grateful for this little town of ours.

I hope this weekend you are able to take a minute to count your blessings, whatever they may be.

Enjoy, my friends!

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