Favorite Things Friday #35

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Happy Friday, friends! Thanks for stopping by!

Let’s get right down to it and dive into some favorite things…

1. Hearth and Hand Stoneware Collection

I’m a little obsessed with this collection. That quirky edge, the off-white color, the nice heavy weight to them. Even my dad (who never notices anything, mind you!) commented how much he liked these plates when he was here for dinner! I’m especially fond of the mini bowls. They are absolutely the perfect size for my nightly bowl of ice cream. Can’t pile on the scoops in this little guy, so really helps with portion control! 😉 I mean, check out how it fits in the palm of your hand! Bigger than a ramekin, but not big enough to get into too much trouble – it’s so perfect!

Here’s an affiliate link to the mini bowls: Hearth and Hand Mini Bowls (set of four)


2. Waterproof Phone Case

You guys. I am that person who seriously puts her phone in a sandwich bag at the pool and beach so it doesn’t get wet or sandy. Until I was at the pool the other day with my friend and saw her whip her phone out in this handy dandy waterproof pouch. It even works WHILE IN THE POUCH! Ok, I know this is probably such old news for most of the population, but I’m always a little behind in the gadget world;) So I just ordered it for myself yesterday and therefore can’t take a photo, but here’s the (affiliate) link if you’d like to get one – awesome price for a two pack! One for me, one for my husband. Sweet!


3. Less is More

Earlier this week, I posted an update on the kitchen. I removed the cabinets, and was going to put up one or two floating shelves on each side of the window. After seeing the space, I loved the open space and since the walls were a little different on both sides of the window, I decided to leave it as is. Floating shelves that weren’t the same length on both sides would just make me a little crazy. We can totally get by with just the cabinets on the one side, because we just have what we need. We haven’t run out of dishes – far from it, actually – and I know exactly what is in those cabinets and drawers. And if we haven’t run out of dishes with three kids home for summer vacation, creating dishes all the live long day, then we never will! It is so liberating to have less stuff. It truly is. Less clutter makes me one happy lady. I am a happier, more content, less stressed version of myself when my surroundings are in order. And less stuff helps accomplish that.

I’m still putting up three wood shelves on the left there, off the cabinet, so we’ll be gaining even more space. So many of my friends and family who have come over are in shock we can get by without uppers on that wall, but I’m telling you – it can totally be done! Maybe when the kitchen’s completely finished, I will do a post on where everything is…if you’d be interested in that, let me know! And if you’re wondering anything specific, I’m all ears and will save your inquiry for a post:)

As always, thank you for spending some time with me today, and hope you all have an awesome weekend!  XO



  1. I’m almost certain you’ve posted this before…but what do you use for your faux shiplap? After seeing alllll your posts using this, I’m finally ready to take the plunge in our kitchen. Thanks in advance for posting the info (again!)!

  2. 4×8 (inches or feet?) cut into _____ strips. You said inches. Is that right? If it is I guess I need help to figure it out. I sorry I’m new to this kinda of stuff so please be patient with me.

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