Moving the Gallery Wall and Some Changes in the Hallway

Those of you who follow me on Instagram might have seen that post when I got a wild hair on a snow day and started painting the main hallway blue.

And while it looks perfect in that picture, most times of the day, and especially at night, it looked baby blue. Like a nursery. Wasn’t the look I was going for.

So I tried oh, about 20 other shades – luckily for me in this case, I am a blue paint hoarder. I’ve tried THEM ALL. I did end up buying one or two more to try, but for the most part, I had them all here.

Ha! Hot mess, I tell you. In the end you know what I decided?


Yes, the same shade that’s in our family room. IT’S NOT EVEN BLUE. <face palm>

But it’s such a perfect color – the only thing that was in my way was the honey oak floors. I didn’t want that color to be up against that shade of flooring. Sooooo….


That’s the answer! If I have the bottom 2/3 of the wall white, I can put that perfect Revere Pewter up top and it’ll look awesome. It’ll carry in from the family room which I like, it’ll work well going up the steps, and it looks super pretty looking into the dining room. Woohoo!

Oh wait. CRAP.

The Gallery Wall of my babies! Remember this one?

We called an impromptu family meeting the other night. Just wanted to check in with everyone, hear what the kids’ thoughts were on things. Was there anything they’d like to do more of as a family? Less? And you know what they said? More family time. When all 5 of us do things together. At first I didn’t understand because I feel like we are together all the time. But just because we’re together under one roof, doesn’t mean it’s always quality family time. Out of the mouths of babes, right? It was a good wake up call for us- to be more present with them, and plan more fun family activities while we can. This is such a sweet season in our lives and we can’t take a minute for granted. It’s not much, but I think we’ll start with stopping for donuts after church this morning – they ask every time and the answer is always no…I think we’ll blow their minds and hear a lot of happy cheers from the back seat😉.

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Gah. That HAS to stay. But board and batten will foul that allllll up. Think, Liz, THINK.

And a lightbulb went off! I’m always trying to figure out how to add some more character into this 1960s house, and an accent shiplap wall would be just the thing! I could trim it out, then do the b&b all around it. I can hang all the pictures just as they are, just over the shiplap!

I also decided to switch it to the opposite wall, since it’s bigger.

I nailed the planks up (same technique I’ve done all over this house – you can check out the original tutorial here).

Then my husband mitered the trim for me (that math makes my brain hurt), we got that up, caulked and painted…

Then I got those pictures of our three cuties back up!

I love how I can see these faces peeking out when I’m in the kitchen. You notice them so much more on this wall.

And the view from the dining room…

I can’t WAIT to get that board and batten and some crown molding up – it’s going to really add so much character to this otherwise blah hallway.

I didn’t think anything could make me love this gallery wall more, but should’ve known some shiplap and trim would! 😉 This whole wall just makes my eyes (and heart!) happy, and it’s not even done. Once all that trim is up it’s gonna make me swooooon.

Keep you posted when it’s all finished! Of course, now our weekends are completely jam packed with spring sports, but maybe around June or July we’ll get around to it, haha! I say haha, but sadly that’s probably the truth;) At least it’s a little hallway – shouldn’t take more than a weekend. Famous last words, right!?

And in case you missed the original gallery wall post with all the details on these thrifty Walmart frames, here’s the post: Gallery Wall 

Have an awesome day, friends!




  1. Ship-lap looks great! What is that really light creamy color in your dining room? That is a pretty color too! Looking to paint my dining room a color like that and have the same floors.

    • thanks, Anna! It’s Sherwin Williams Alabaster. It’s a funny color – sometimes it looks very white, sometimes it’s more cream. Pearly White is a great one too – that’s what was in the hallway behind the original gallery wall. Good luck!

  2. Cindy Johnson says:

    AMAZING!! Love it!!

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