I Got Three More….An Update on the Gallery Wall

Remember that post I did – with the awesome Walmart frames I fell in love with?


I bought six, loved them, and wrote in the post that I might just go snag three more?

Well I did.

I wasn’t sure if nine would be too many, but oh my word, NOPE!

gallery wall

I mean, these faces.

gallery wall

So captures them. My mermaid, my adventure girl kayaking, and my boy, just happy in life on his boogie board…I had no choice;)

But seriously, aside from being an annoyingly biased mom, I’m obsessed with the drama adding these three frames give to this wall…

gallery wall

gallery wall

I did raise the top two rows a few inches, so the new bottom three weren’t super low. I think they really make a statement now, rather than just a handful of frames hanging on the wall.

gallery wall

One of those times where I just wouldn’t know until I tried, you know? And I’m beyond glad I did!


  1. The 3 frames you added take the wall from looking nice to WOW! You’re right… it’s definitely a statement wall now and… your kids are adorable!

  2. Oh my gosh I love that! I am terrible at updating the kids pictures and framing them. You have inspired me! Great gallery wall that ties in so nicely with your decor! Such a win Liz:)

  3. Love the frames & the look you created in this space! Do you mind sharing where you found your cotton wreath?

  4. Love this! You’ve inspired me to update mine! I have 6 kids and only 4 are featured and the pics are 10 yrs old! Yikes! Question: what is the light color on your walls? I’ve been looking for such a color?! 😊 Thanks! Love your stuff, Liz!

  5. Ohh yes!! I actually love the nine more than I love the six! So pretty!

  6. cecilia walsh says:

    i absolutely adore this and all of your posts, real inspiration! what size are the frames / where did you purchase them? Thanks in advance, Cecilia

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