Christmas Master Bedroom…After All These Years

I finally did something I’ve been wanting to do YEAR AFTER YEAR…

…decorate our bedroom for Christmas!

Every single year since I was a child, I’d see these cozy bedrooms decorated for the holidays in magazines. I was always drawn to them and I did my best to replicate, with a little tree in my childhood bedroom. I always thought when I had a grown-up bedroom, I’d do it up, just like in those magazines. I’d make it cozy and warm and so so Christmasy. This is hands down my favorite time of year, and I simply can’t get enough of it. So why not bring it into every room!?

What I DIDN’T know as a kid, was that adulting at Christmastime is BUSY BUSY BUSY. And that just seemed like unnecessary extra work. It’s hard enough to get the main floor done in time, who has the time for upstairs, am I right?!

But it all happened so easily, and totally by chance, so I went with it and now I have the cozy bedroom I always dreamed about!

Christmas bedroom

Let me tell you how it all happened.

I had this red throw in the family room and it was just competing with too much in there. Can’t really explain it, other than I knew it needed to get outta there.

And we no longer have a fireplace, and I hadn’t decided where to put our stockings yet.

Then a lightbulb went off and the wheels were moving at lightning speed, and I was throwing old wreaths and extra trees I had in storage up, and hanging those stockings on the sides of our bed, and it all fell into place!

Christmas bedroom

I did pick up two new pillows (Marshalls), but was able to use all my regular bedding.

I hung this adorable stocking garland (Michaels) on our DIY sign above the TV, and made another cotton garland wreath:

Christmas bedroom

Christmas bedroom

I put a berry wreath around the DIY Rustic Ladder.

I added some berries and greens in my lanterns.

Christmas bedroom

And put some greens around my bird cage thingy that holds my DIY Book Page Wreath.

Christmas bedroom

Oh! And had a big berry garland in my bins that I couldn’t find a place for…so I cut it in two, and made two mini wreaths for my Shiplap Closet Doors.

Christmas bedroom

I can’t even tell you how cozy it feels in here at night, with just the candles on in the window.

Christmas bedroom

And I REALLY can’t even tell you how happy I am to have this cozy retreat to fall into at the end of the day. Just bringing out a handful of things makes it feel so festive and inviting. The little girl inside me is so very happy.:)  I highly recommend it.

More rooms are coming in the Christmas House Tour 2016…stay tuned!


  1. So funny! I did the same thing this year….and even bought red plain flannel sheets at Target! Merry Christmas!

  2. Red plaid sheets!

  3. Carli Heringer says:

    Love it Liz!!!!

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