Wrapped for the Holidays: My Front Door

As you may know, I painted our front door recently – it’s a greyish color, and very…nice. But nothing that’s gonna knock your socks off or anything. So I feel like I need to step up my game when it comes to the wreaths that adorn it.

I made a festive Christmasy wreath this week that I thought would be fun enough…but it wasn’t. Once that spotlight shines on the door at night, you could barely see it against the grey.

So I started thinking outside the box…

And came up with something much more fun!

christmas present front door

A door that’s all wrapped up like a gift under the tree:) Perfect.

This is all I needed:

christmas present front door

I bought 4 yards of red fabric at Walmart. It was $2 something a yard, so pretty thrifty project. I picked up a bow there as well, and needed scissors and duct tape. My dad would be so proud I’m busting out that last item. I don’t wanna brag, but he’s kinda the duct tape king. Sweatpants, people. He’s been known to duct tape SWEATPANTS. If you know my dad, this sounds about right.;) Love you, Dad!

I digress…

I measured out the width of the door, and cut a piece with an extra couple inches added onto that number. I doubled it up (no reason, just had it, so I might as well use it!) and taped it on each end of the door. I made it about 8 inches wide. I wanted it to be wide enough that you can see it from the road, you know?

christmas present front door

Did the same for the length of the door.

You can see the tape along the side in this photo:

Christmas present front door

This is the only part I’m not over the moon about. The tape extends just past the side there, so you can see an itty bitty part of the duct tape on the back of the door. Haven’t had a lightbulb moment yet as to how I’m gonna solve that one, but I’ll keep you posted. Most hours of the day, the door is open, so it’ll really only bug me at night;)

Then came time to hang the bow. Wasn’t sure how I was going to do this at first. (I’m the QUEEN of this. Always winging!). I safety pinned it at first, and that was ok, but the fabric drooped just a tad with the weight of the bow.  Then realized I had a heavy duty (I mean HEAVY DUTY) magnet that I use for wreaths sometimes. We have a magnetic, steel door, in case you were wondering why we use magnets. The magnet’s so strong, it worked through those few layers of fabric easy peasy.

Christmas present front door

And stuck that bow on there. That was it!

Christmas present front door

Christmas Front Door

It closes great – I have the fabric pulled so taut, and the duct tape pressed firmly that there’s really nothing in its way.

Christmas wrapped front door

Just need to get my rope garland around the door frame and we’re all set!

Fun to switch things up a bit, isn’t it!?


  1. Liz, looks fantastic! Couldn’t you just trim the duct tape down so it doesn’t show on the back of the door?

    • Thanks Ang! I did, but wanted to ensure that it STAYS PUT so I didn’t want to trim it down too much, you know? Not a major issue, it’s just a little bit showing:)

  2. I love this idea! Is there a reason why you opted not to center the red fabric vertically?

  3. LINDA WINEMAN says:

    Great idea. This is beautiful Why not wrap the inside and the inside as well as the outside (one piece of fabric) and just pin it together (probably best on the inside of the house) and cover the pins inside with a second bow ? You could use some type of stretchy fabric and sew it together snuggly and stretch it to get it over the door. That is what I think I will try.

  4. Any other ideas other than duct tape as I am doing this on an internal white door?

  5. Love your door and I don’t have to buy a thing. Thanks.

  6. Rather than using duct tape I plan to use transparent packing tape (approx. 2″ wide) so it will not be as obvious.

    • UPDATE: Heads up on my idea – I did use the transparent packing tape but as I had previously painted the door some of the paint came off when I removed the tape after the holidays.

  7. Love it! Fabulous idea!

  8. Cherease Andrews says:

    Very nice!! Easier than covering the entire door. I think I might try it.

  9. Use red duct tape to match. They make it in every color you can imagine now!

  10. LOVE this and Velcro strips or Velcro circles maybe instead of the tape if the door isn’t in constant use?


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