Window, Window, On The Wall…

I gave you a sneak peek in my last post of the fantastic new/old window (old window, but new to me – get it?) I recently added to our family room – I even had a reader comment that she wanted to know more about it! Ask, dear friends, and ye shall receive.

I apologize in advance if I start typing in all caps and it seems like I’m screaming at you.


See, already starting.

An old friend of mine (old as in known each other FOREVER, not that we’re old, right Lis?!) knew I was on the lookout for some windows and sent me a text with a picture of this gorgeous, arched big ol’ window and said it was just collecting dust at her house and it’s mine if I want it!


Oh, happy, happy day.

I remember being over my mom’s and showing it to her and she got as excited as I did! Because, really, when someone GIVES YOU A HUGE ARCHED WINDOW HOW ARE YOU NOT EXCITED?!

I have really, really fantastic friends. 😉

I picked it up, and we finally got to hanging it recently and it’s just as awesome as I pictured it in my head.

hanging a new old window

RIGHT?! Love, love, LOVE.

hanging a new old window

The back of the window didn’t have any way to hang it, and this puppy weighs a TON. My husband did a little research and read about this thing called a “monkey hook” – it’s sorta shaped like a J, and you insert it into the wall, like, not even with a hammer – it’s got this super pointy tip that you just press into the wall and the top part goes way up the wall, leaving just the hook part sticking out (think the bottom part of the J). Should’ve taken pictures, I apologize. He ran out to the home improvement store and picked one up, along with some wire picture hangers to attach to the top back of the window. Worked like a charm. Bless that man. Always comes through when the ND calls.

hanging a new old window

That corner was just the right spot for it. I do miss my chalkboard, but I’ll find a spot for it somewhere around here!

I kept the hinges and knob in place – I felt like they needed to stay. Tells more of a story that way.

hanging a new old window

My newly made $1.50 Heart Wreath is perfect there for now, but I’ll have to make something Springy to replace it soon.  My glass lamp that sits below it has some little sweetheart roses in there too. Sensing a theme?!

hanging a new old window

I love this new addition to our family room.

And I REALLY love my friend:)

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