$1.50 Heart Wreath

I know Valentine’s Day is only a couple days away now, but hey, better late than never, am I right?

I made a heart wreath today – I’ve had the materials for a while and planned on doing this at our Craft Night, but a bunch of sicknesses and snow day rescheduling got in our way and we had to cancel;)

It’s SO inexpensive (see: Title) and you just need a handful of things:

$1.50 heart wreath


and you’ll get this:

$1.50 heart wreath


So to start, I cut out a heart form from a cardboard box I had in the recycling bin.

$1.50 heart wreath

I took it outside and spray painted it red, just in case you see any in between my rosettes.

Then…the said rosettes. If you haven’t made them before, they’re really very easy. Just cut a circle out of felt (I cut different sizes – some bigger, some smaller), and starting at one edge, cut in a spiral shape. Then sort of work it around from the inside, pulling it in a little as you go.

DIY heart wreath

I laid them all out on the cardboard heart (it takes a while – would’ve made a perfect Craft Night project accompanied by great company and great wine;), but I set up in the family room and turned on last night’s Jimmy Fallon (who, let’s face it, makes everything better) and the time passed pretty quickly.

A little dab of hot glue on the edge:

$1.50 DIY heart wreath

Then just a dab of hot glue on the bottom and stick it on!

Here’s where I get super fancy:

$1.50 heart wreath

That’s right. DUCT. TAPE. Dad, are you so proud?! I wanted to attach the wreath to this awesome new (old) window I got (blog post on that soon!) so I stuck a 3M hook to the window and cut a tiny piece of red yarn, securing it with good ol’ duct tape to the back of the heart. The wreath is SO lightweight, so this works just fine.

To sum up, you’ll need:

1. Cardboard

2. scissors

3. red spray paint or craft paint

4. red felt sheets (I used 5 sheets at 29 cents a pop, which is where I got my $1.50 total – that was all I needed to buy!)

5. hot glue gun and a 2(ish) sticks



$1.50 heart wreath DIY

So Valentines-y and for $1.50, I mean, you just can’t beat that! Sorry to be so late to the V Day craft party, but hey – pin it for next year, right?!

Happy Valentine’s Day, friends!


  1. Tell us About that arch window pane its hung on!?! Puuuuhhleeezzzz!!!!! Another post??

  2. Sw sweet!!!!

    🙂 Sherri

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