No Craftiness Required: Spruced Up Curtains!

I’ve got a project – wait – not sure this even qualifies as a *project* – it’s THAT simple.

Anyway, whatever you wanna call it, here’s a 5 minute curtain update that even the least crafty person can master like a boss.

Once upon a time, my daughter had doors on her closet. They somehow got busted up, fell off the track, the track was busted – seriously, what WAS that kid up to during “Quiet Time” ???? So they came down. And in the meantime, I stuck a rod up with some $10 white curtains from Target.

Curtain Update in 5 minutes and no craftiness required!

They did the trick (which was hiding the insane mess that is her closet), but weren’t all that special to look at.

I was at Michael’s last week, and you know those little bins by the checkout with random goodies for like a buck or so?

Found these cuties in there:

no craftiness required curtain update

I came home, got out the hot glue gun to embellish the boring curtains with these lovelies, and GUESS WHAT?

michael's flowers update white curtains

That’s right. Clips AND safety pins.


I unwrapped the flowers, pinned them up and five minutes later…

curtain update in 5 minutes

At first, I stuck them all over, but since these curtains are right next to the bookcase, it was just too much. So I removed them and kept them to the bottom portion only and things weren’t so busy.

no craftiness required! DIY curtains

So basically, if you can unwrap plastic, you can pull this one off, and you’ll look oh-so-crafty! It’ll be our little secret;)



  1. Sherri S. says:

    This is great!!! I love how you kept them all towards the bottom of the curtains as well. 🙂 Hope your week is awesome!


  2. So cute and EASY – wow, love it so much! When’s the final reveal? Still waiting…….

    • Thanks, Lynn! Gonna try for this week – if not, next:) It’s pretty much done, just have to shoot and edit photos!

  3. love love love those Michael’s bins….full of treasures

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