Girls Craft Night – Spring Wreaths

For those who are new to my blog, I host a monthly craft night with my girlfriends – it’s a total blast, and I highly recommend it;) We drink wine, eat yummy food, laugh our heads off, and end the evening with something cute for our home. And who couldn’t use more girl time in their lives, am I right?!


If you follow me on Instagram (@naptimedecorator), you might’ve seen this photo…


And I just did a post on how that peep wreath turned out…


Well, let me show you the rest of the cuteness my crafty friends came up with! The theme of this month’s craft was Spring Wreaths. As usual, my girls brought their A game…


This friend created the tulip wreath I made last year, which is simply sticking tulips in a grapevine wreath! Seriously, don’t even need the glue gun for this puppy!

And check out the plastic egg wreath, made by hot gluing Easter grass onto a straw wreath form, then gluing the eggs…


And a couple friends went the yarn wrapped wreath route, which takes a looooot of time and patience;)


But look what they got! So worth the wrapping…


She added some felt rosettes to hers. I just love how it looks on her black door!

And here’s what the other gray yarn wreath turned into…


If you knew this friend of mine, you’d know just how perfect this wreath is for her!

So there you have it – we had a small group this month, but no matter what the size, we have a ton of fun! And I love hearing the stories from all of you about your own craft nights, so keep ’em coming! If you’re interested in learning how to start one, check out this post from a while back: Everything You Need to Know About Starting a Craft Night!

Happy crafting:)



  1. Lynn Haag says:

    So darn cute! Just love all of them and while I’m not usually into St Patty’s day I really love the Irish wreath! I’ve forwarded this onto a girlfriend who wants to start a Craft Night!! You always inspire me 🙂

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