Girls Craft Night #12: Spring Crafts

Spring was the name of the game last night, at our girls’ monthly get together. Wreaths, topiaries, adorable Easter art…super cute stuff to share with you!

I decided to go with an incredibly simple and easy tulip wreath. I pinned it a while ago, thinking how lovely it was – come to find out it’s from an Etsy shop called Daulhouseshop (you can check out her page here), and while the pink tulips she used were beautiful, I thought with my red door, it might end up looking too Valentines-y, rather than spring-y. So I picked up some white tulips (2 bunches from Michaels of about 10-12 in each bundle), a grapevine wreath, and that was IT. You’ll need some scissors to cut the flowers, but other than that, you are set.

I’m telling you, this is crazy easy to make!! Just cut the flowers apart (using the leaves too), and stick them in the wreath. I didn’t even use the wire I had to secure them! Hung it last night after the girls left, and it’s still standing this morning, not a petal out of place;)


I may hang it with a spring ribbon, and I could even use it as a Valentine’s wreath with some pink and red ribbon, maybe attach an XO or heart in the middle. Lots of uses for this guy!


Now, onto the other goodies from last night!

A couple friends made topiaries. I found these adorable ribbon ones on Pinterest, from She’s Kinda Crafty. So bright and cheerful! Click the link here so you can check it out. Turned out to be a bit time consuming, but I think so worth it! They used a foam ball, strips of ribbon (in colors that match their home’s decor), a dowel, a cute pot, and some floral foam to stick inside the pot. One of my friends used straight pins to attach the ribbon strips – just wrap them around, and stick the pins in the foam ball. Repeat. And repeat. And repeat;)

They do make packs of dowels at Michaels that are a perfect size for topiaries, but if you just want to grab one, they make super long ones – just cut to the length you want. We meant business last night, as you can see from the saw action here!

Had to get that on film;)

Just attach the finished foam ribbon ball onto one end of the dowel, the other in the foam piece sitting in the pot, add some grass/moss/whatevs, and you’ve got yourself a cute topiary!

{Paul took the camera to shoot a lacrosse game, so I snagged these with my camera phone, sorry for the poor quality!} They really turned out awesome!

Here’s another, using hot glue instead of pins.


Couldn’t you just see two of these guys flanking a dresser or buffet? I think they are so much fun!

My blogging BFF, Jocie from One Project Closer: The Better Half, made this super cute Easter canvas – she was fancy and brought cut outs from her Silhouette machine!


I have GOT to get me one of those Silhouettes! She cut the bunny, grass, eggs, Happy Easter – all of it – and applied mod podge with a foam brush to make it stick. Love!!

She also painted a wood frame white, removed the glass, used her leftover scrapbook paper, some cardboard, and jute to make this frame…

Oh, and jellybeans – how could I forget the jellybeans?! Isn’t that so clever? Looks like a little nest with the jute. She’s oh-so-crafty, I tell ya.

Hope this inspires you to get your Spring craft on! 19 days to go…BRING IT!

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