Christmas Wreath

So remember how I mentioned in my Wrapped Door post that I tried a wreath on the front door and it just wasn’t the eye catcher I thought it’d be? It ended up being perfect for my side door though, and it was SO easy to make. You don’t even need to get the glue gun out!

Christmas wreath

First, I hit Michael’s. Got a straw wreath, a chalkboard slate, one spool of ribbon, and some picks/branches. I also needed scissors and pins, but I had those, so I was all set…or so I thought.

I made this for Craft Night with my girls last week (their lovely projects will be in a post later this week:), and originally bought poinsettia clips from Michael’s to use where the burlap ribbon is. Just wasn’t floating my boat. so my friend gave me her burlap bow that was too big for her wreath.

This was SO simple.

I started wrapping the wreath in the ribbon.

Christmas wreath

When it was done, I cut it, and stuck a pin or two to hold it in place.

Then, I just stuck the picks and snowy branches in the ribbon. The wrapping job creates these little slits just perfect for sticking the decorative picks in them! No glue needed!

Christmas wreath

I used a pin to attach the burlap bow, wrote ‘Happy Holidays’ on the chalkboard slate, and hung ‘er up!

Christmas wreath

It suits this door much better:)

Christmas wreath

Happy Holidays!


  1. Very very cute!!!

    Merry Christmas!

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