‘Be Brave’ Arrow Art

As you know, I have been a busy bee in my daughter’s room as of late. Like, it consumes my every waking thought. Then I go to sleep thinking about it. Not even kidding. This happens to me whenever I makeover a room. I eat, sleep, breathe it, until every detail makes me happy. If it doesn’t, I can’t rest. I will ponder it, in the pitch black bedroom, while my dear husband is fast asleep…

‘AHA! Yes! The mirror needs to go on THAT wall! Of course! And the lamps need to be BLUE! Duh. Spray painting, first thing in the morning…’

These thoughts are all in my head, of course. I’m not that crazy.

Then sweet sleep comes. I have a problem. I know this. Or a passion. Call it what you will. 😉

Every day, I get one step closer to completion, and the other day I was able to cross the gallery wall of the list – I’ll be posting about that this week. This gallery wall includes a super fast and super easy craft that I wanted to share, in the meantime. It took about 10 minutes and turned out really cute!

DIY arrow art

I picked up one of those arrows from Michaels – over in the unfinished wood aisle. The only other things I needed were craft paint, a brush, and these sticker letters I’ve used A LOT (also from Michaels). I had all of that stuff, so this only cost me about $6 for the arrow, thanks to my good ol’ 40% off coupon.

arrow art

I don’t know what it is, but I’m on an arrow kick lately. I just dig ’em, don’t know why. Even found that adorable washi tape with an arrow print on it for her desk, remember? Love! Maybe it’s Merida’s doing…that Brave is one awesome movie! 😉

So I stuck the stickers on the arrow, and mixed up a paint concoction of about 30 different paints until I found a shade I liked that matched her room. Ok, slight exaggeration – more like 3 or 4. I went over the letters with the paintbrush, and removed them right away…

DIY arrow art

DIY arrow art

Then I just filled in the letters with a tiny brush and white craft paint.

DIY arrow art

I attached some ‘teeth’ onto the back (not sure if that’s the technical term, but that’s what I call those things you nail onto the back of things so they can hang on a wall – they look like jagged teeth!) and that’s it:

DIY arrow art

I love the pop of color it brings to her wall, and I really love that it didn’t take long at all to create. Mama’s got about 746 other things to do…;)



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