An Open Shelves Update

Making a few little changes in the kitchen…

Because it’s been a hot minute, after all;)

I’ll keep you posted on the craziness, but it’s all started with painting the backs of the open shelves.

Once upon a time, these kitchen cabinets looked like this:

old kitchen

Then, about a decade ago, I was into a dark red and gold thang…

old kitchen


I took off the doors, added molding, and added a little paper to the backs of the open shelves when I fixed things up in here…

kitchen shelves


I removed the paper backing (it was paper wrapped around foam boards). I removed a shelf and moved a few things around, and painted the backs a blue grey (a homemade concoction – I was playing mad scientist and mixing a bunch of samples until I was happy).

And here we are!

new kitchen look

new kitchen look

My favorite thing is my cookbook spot! Moving that middle shelf gave it a perfect little space for all of them. Now they’re at the perfect height to grab whenever I need them.

new kitchen look

new kitchen look

I’m super excited about this little makeover – I’m also enlarging our island (CAN’T. WAIT.) And I picked up some super cute new hardware that I can’t wait to put on. I’m adding trim to the cabinets that still have doors (and drawers)…and painting the walls (but not sure what color yet!).

I’ll keep you posted on this mini-makeover as things progress…

new kitchen look

Never a dull around here! 😉


  1. Gina Morrison says:

    When you paint upper cabinets, what do you do about the underneath of the cabinets? I want to paint mine but don’t know what to do with the underneath. Thanks

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