The Kitchen Reveal!

I realized it’s been a while since I’ve done a kitchen post. It’s not completely stick-a-fork-in-it-done, but now that it’s at an acceptable stage (meaning it all looks good enough and is 100% functioning), I started moving onto other rooms and projects, leaving those final touches behind. We all know I have problems when it comes to starting an entire new room before the last one is complete, right? No secret there;). I still need to add corbels and lighting underneath the cabinets, and molding onto the plain boxy-cabinet fronts to give them some depth, (and pick up some cuter accessories and dishes for the shelves and tops of cabinets) but those are things that will get done down the line – not life or death matters at the moment. So why not give you patient readers, who have followed me along this crazy journey that is my kitchen, a glance at how it looks now…at it’s almost completed stage…

For fun, before we go any further, let’s take a stroll down Memory Lane. Here’s that exact angle as it looked when we bought this house:

Sweeeet. And that was actually after the bulkheads were removed, so we had already started working on it at this point. Here are some more shots, of the kitchen over the past 5 years…

And now…

In case you missed the posts of the various projects, here they are…
1. Removing cabinet fronts to make open shelves, and adding molding onto the tops

2. Making a magnetic chalkboard fridge

3. Chalkboard menu (just chalkboard paint with molding nailed around as a border)


5. Beadboard wallpaper backsplash

6. Making chalkboard labels for plain canisters

7. Painting our kitchen island

8. DIY no-sew fabric stool covers

9. Yard sale find turned spice rack

There’s been a LOT of love poured into this kitchen in the short time we’ve lived here, and as much as I loved my red kitchen, I’m in LOVE with my new bright kitchen. Had no idea just how dark it was until this makeover! There’s a lot to be said for color affecting our moods – I mean, take a look at me when this all started!

AHHHHH!!!! Armed and dangerous

I would like to thank my dear husband for getting that loveliness on film. It did pretty much capture exactly what I was feeling at that time! So much work ahead of me, so much to paint…oh my.

But now I’m relaxing in my updated kitchen and happy as can be…

a not-so-scary Liz;)

Amazing how paint can change a person, am I right?! lol

One last look just because I’m lovin’ it so…

So that’s the latest on the kitchen! One of these days when I get to the last remaining projects, I’ll be sure to share them with you. Thanks for coming along on this kitchen journey with me!


  1. Okay, so I have finally picked my colors to paint my cabinets, but I am on the fence regarding chalk paint vs. the Rustoleum Cabinet Transformation Kits. What did you use to paint your kitchen cabinets? What was time involved to do so? And how is it holding up?
    I have two young boys at home, and I was hoping to have the boys spend the whole day away on a fun trip with dad, so I could transform my kitchen cabinets. Mind you, my kitchen isn’t huge. Is this a realistic goal? Or am I being unrealistic with time as I usually am 🙂 ?

    • I sanded my cabinets, then primed, then painted with white semi gloss paint. They’ve held up well. I’ve never used one of those kits, or used chalk paint on cabinets – so I can’t say for either of those methods how long they take! Sorry! If your kitchen is small enough, a day would be reasonable I think. Maybe take them down the night before (make sure to keep track which goes where), so it’s all set for you to tackle the minute they leave! Good luck!

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