Organizing Family Mobile Devices: The $8 Charging Station

A couple weeks ago I was at HomeGoods and spotted this cute little…something?! It was some sort of organizer but immediately, I envisioned it as The Perfect Cell Phone Organizer and Charging Station! It would be just perfect to house all our techie stuff and charge it all up while we’re at it. And it was only $7.99!!? Done. My husband and I each have a phone, and our family has a shared iPad and daughter has a Kindle. And I can’t tell you HOW MANY TIMES I hear “Hey where’s the iPad?” “Have you seen the Kindle anywhere?” “Can you call my phone so I can find it?”

Not anymore!

cell phone organizer

I mean, it’s like that little guy was made for this job, right!?

I put it on the bookcase/filing system we have in our home office, right near an outlet – you can see it in this pic:

charging station

(Gonna get a little plant to hide that, but really, it’s white against the white wall, so it doesn’t bother me).

And the cords just run up the back and voila!

charging station

Now, I know there’s only two outlets there, but right now it’s not an issue at all. Once all three kiddos have cell phones (which ain’t happening anytime soon! 😉 ), I’m sure we’ll have to fix that, but we haven’t run into any problems with needing to charge more than two things at once. Fortunately, both phones and iPad all use the same charger, so that makes it easy, too. And all the other chargers are in this box right below, should we ever have to charge elsewhere:

charging station

One small step in organizing this crazy life, but hey, I’ll take it! 🙂


  1. Great idea!!! I love Homegoods. 🙂


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