Favorite Things Friday #4

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Good morning! Time for another edition of my Favorite Things Friday! Let’s dive in…

1. Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees

I get asked about this fiddle leaf fig tree of mine all the time! I’ve had her for a year and a few months now – which is by FAR the longest I have kept a plant alive – which tells you something about this plant. If I can’t kill it, there’s hope for us all. Turns out I’m an overwaterer – who knew that was such a thing? (Ok, probably most of you, but humor me…). I water Miss Figgy (yes, I named her) when she feels dry – like every couple weeks maybe? And that is it. And how perfect is that height and touch of green in a corner? I got my mom one for Mother’s Day (hers is still alive as well – and I get my purple thumb from her, so that’s saying something too). She said she can’t even imagine her family room without it now. They’re just such a beautiful addition to any room! Mine was a gift, and I bought my mom’s at Home Depot, but Hobby Lobby’s fake version is one of the prettiest I’ve seen if real isn’t your thing.

2. Birthdays

I had a birthday this week – and it may sound crazy to some, but I love turning another year older. I wouldn’t want to go back to my 20s or even early 30s for anything (except maybe to hold my babies again – now THAT I’d totally do). I feel like every year we get wiser and more comfortable in our own skin. We care more about the things that matter, and less what others think. We learn more about ourselves, how to take better care of ourselves, what makes us tick. We know what brings us joy, and how important it is to fill our days with as much of that good stuff as we can. And goodness, isn’t it such a blessing to still be here, getting a chance to blow out the candles once more? I always cringe a little when I hear my friends complain about getting older – we should all be lucky enough to see another birthday!

3. Mugs

I have a problem when it comes to mugs, you guys. Like, a serious problem. I can’t get enough, and when they’re only a few bucks a pop, it’s almost like I have no choice, right?! Don’t you just love finding the perfect one? And seasonal ones…I mean, when I get out the Christmas mugs we all do a happy dance over here. I will admit, I have a little Rae Dunn obsession – and I will also admit, I choose the mug to fit my mood…HUSTLE on a busy day when I’ve got a ton to accomplish, FAMILY on a rainy Saturday when we’re all together hanging out, BALANCE when I’m having an afternoon cup with some quiet prayer time…I’m not alone, right?!

Oh and then the mug racks! I am obsessed with my mug rack – mine is from Decor Steals, which you should totally check out if you love farmhouse decor! They have these flash sales, and sell out quickly, so when they had this mug rack in stock I grabbed it! But I found a similar one on Amazon right here- (affiliate link) Wall Mug Rack


4. This Is Us

Please excuse the pink cozy socks and purple plaid pj pants on the coffee table – but I was in my ZONE when I snapped this pic. Do you love this show too? It’s such a unique concept – I won’t spoil the premise if you haven’t watched it – just be prepared to have your mind BLOWN in the last 5 minutes of the first episode of Season 1. Without giving too much away, I think it’s a show with so much heart and really taps into how people become who they are. All the little childhood experiences – both the good and the bad – really shapes us into the adults we become. I know I’ve had certain parenting moments and decisions since watching this show, where I pause and think about how this will impact my family more than I did before.  It’s really good stuff. Just be sure to have a box of tissues with you – like, for EVERY. EPISODE.

Hope you have an awesome weekend, friends, and let me know if any of these favorite things are some of YOURS too! 🙂 XO



  1. I loved this weeks post! Everything from appreciating birthdays (turned 60 this year!) to coffee mug obsessions to This Is Us (favorite new show for me!). I may need to shop for a fake fig tree as I also have a “purple” thumb! Thanks for all of your inspiration!

  2. Tiziana Revell says:

    Love!! I love it all! I love birthdays for the same reasons and mugs are a light obsession of mine too! : )

  3. I started watching This is Us months ago and got sidetracked but just binge watched about 10 episodes and finally finished Season 1!!! I’m onto Season 2 and LOVE this show! I don’t want Jack to die!!!!

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