Alabaster Love

Happy 2016, guys! Hard to believe, isn’t it? As much as I adore Christmas and all the fun chaos December brings (and yes, all of my decorations are STILL UP!), it is kinda fun to get back to normal and think about all the projects in store…and what rooms will be getting painted (again) this year;)

Speaking of a new year and painting, have you heard what Sherwin Williams’ chose for their Color of 2016?


I was pumped to hear this, because I’ve been totally jammin’ on this color for a while (do people say ‘jammin’ anymore? No? My bad. Wait, they don’t say ‘my bad’ anymore either? I’m showing my age…)


It’s such a great choice, with it’s barely there creaminess – it’s a white with just enough warmth to make a room feel like it’s painted, not just some stark, sterile space. What I love about it is how bold you can go with everything else in the room. Like in my daughter’s room, with her coral dresser and gold accents…

big girl room gallery wall

When my husband came home and saw me painting her room “white” (as he calls it), he thought I was a little crazy. But when he saw the room when it was done, he realized it was ANYTHING but boring…

diy gold flecked wall

And I think Alabaster was the perfect backdrop for that mix of minty green, coral, and gold.

And in my old bedroom (yes, it’s in the middle of yet another makeover – this one was VERY short lived;) I outgrew that one in record time…):


That barely there color on the walls allowed for some BRIGHT colors in the curtains and elsewhere.

But if color isn’t your thang, Alabaster is a perfect neutral against wood tones and greys, like in my bedroom Take 3 (post the uber-colorful makeover, pre the one going on now;) – I promise you, this one is going to be BY FAR the best!).

diy wedding song sign

I am a little crazy, huh?

Point is, I love me some Alabaster, and I’m glad it’s getting the attention it so deserves;)


  1. Ooooh! We are going to continue renovating and fixing our house once Christmas/New Year’s is properly over and that was definetly a nice colour to remember when painting the rooms… 🙂

  2. that is the cutest dresser ever i want it

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