Christmas Family Room: 2015

Oh my goodness, Christmas is NEXT FRIDAY ALREADY?!!

I don’t even know how that happened, but wow. Goes faster and faster every year. The decorating is finally done (wish I could say the same for the shopping!), and this week will be a fun week of tours on the blog!

Let’s start with the Family Room…

Christmas family room

Now, before I start posting the pics, you might notice the lighting is different in some of them. I took a bunch yesterday, on a bright sunny day. Then I loaded them onto the computer last night and realized I missed a couple shots, so this one (above) was taken this morning and it’s super dark and rainy. But I have no patience, so I took them and am posting anyway. Ok, moving on…;)

Christmas family room

A lot of the room looks similar to that the previous Christmases. But I did get a few new touches that I LOVE. Like this wooden tree (Marshalls), and I brought the red truck from my son’s bedroom downstairs this year, and filled it with pine cones and greens. (I’ve had that glass lamp (Target) for years, and always like to fill it with seasonal stuff, so that hasn’t changed!)

Christmas family room

This new deer from Marshall’s is one of my favorites. It’s catches the light in the afternoon and just shines!

Christmas family room

This red plaid pillow (Marshalls) and cozy white pillow cover (Hobby Lobby) have also been really nice additions this year…

christmas family room

That red plaid pillow could be my favorite purchase of all! (Red throw blanket: Marshalls, Grey pillow: purchased from HomeGoods, and PEACE pillow: Target  – all a few years ago)

I also grabbed this unbelievable cozy throw blanket from Marshalls as well – I love a basket (Target) with cozy stuff! (And I do love throws! 😉 )

Christmas family room

I did the same thing on the coffee table, with my shallow silver bowl (HomeGoods) filled with festive greens, pine cones, and berries.

Christmas family room

…and the mantle box is pretty much the same too:

christmas family room

Then I realized, this was the only photo of this side of the room, so I took one today…and failed kinda miserably;) Darn you rain! I’m hoping it passes for a “cozy room lit by only the Christmas tree” shot, rather than an “amateur photographer who doesn’t know how to set the camera settings without natural light” shot?? Yes??

Christmas family room

Oh! Almost forgot this new pillow too – I sound like a broken record, but YES, Marshall’s AGAIN!

Christmas family room

Love that thing. It was the perfect touch of red for the loveseat side of the room. I don’t really ‘match’ my pillows, but I like to get ones in the same color family (this case: red, dark blue, white, and grey), and balance them on each couch. I move them all around until it makes my eyes happy;)

christmas family room DSC_1776aa

When we get the tree, I remove the little garden stool table between the slipper chairs and move them together so they’ll both fit. This room is pretty small – or as I like to call it, cozy, (hehe) but I feel like this placement makes the most of the seating situation. (Tree pillows on the chairs: Target from a few years back)

So that about wraps up the tour – hope you like it! Stay tuned for the dining room and kitchen tours later this week!


  1. Angel Adams says:

    Absolutely beautiful!!!

  2. Beautiful I wish you could come to my house

  3. Liz, I’m not sure you need to be making excuses for your pictures; they look great! It’s a lovely, cozy room.

  4. Just beautiful, Liz!!! Thank you for sharing your cozy Christmas home.

    Merry Christmas…

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