Old Ottomans, New Life…on the Cheap!

I am kinda in love with this latest project, friends. I’ve been eyeing these cute ottomans at Target lately, but at $60 a pop, and wanting two of them, I couldn’t bring myself to buy them. Here they are:

Don’t you just LOVE them? That whole display right now is just so so good. I want it alllllll.

So I got SO excited the other day when I spotted a similar fabric at Hobby Lobby.

And I suddenly thought about the two old ottomans we have in our basement!

If you are a reader from wayyyyy back, you might remember? You can check out the post from 2012 (!!!?? Wow, time flies!) by clicking HERE. Spoiler alert: I had two cheap pleather ottomans that I wanted to update, so I used a curtain from Target.

Anyway, this ottoman – and its twin – have lived in the basement for a while now, and while structurally they’ve held up great, the fabric had seen better days. Food, drinks, markers, all that good stuff, has made its mark(s). They really wouldn’t be missed in the basement, so I grabbed two yards to try out one, thinking I’d come back for more if it was a success and do the second one.

I did the same exact thing I did the first time around – I started by unscrewing the base and removing the old fabric…

…then started stapling the new fabric…

Then I screwed the base back on and I was in LOVE!

I knew I needed to go buy more fabric and do the second one! So back to Hobby Lobby I went, and grabbed two more yards.

They are so fun and cheerful in here, I just love them!

The corners were the trickiest part, because you have to sorta play around with the fabric to get it lined up with the other sides, but it’s a little like wrapping a gift box – you work the sides until you get it right. Then I just pulled it taught and stapled away.

It’s also a really nice sturdy fabric. I was so tickled when I spotted it – I couldn’t believe how similar it was to the ottomans I’d been swooning over at Target. What are the odds?! And it completely brightens up this room, and has me so inspired to Spring it up in here! Are you as ready as I am? March is THIS WEEK PEOPLE! Wahoooooo!

Oh, almost forgot the best part! I only spent $22 TOTAL – so about $100 savings…not too shabby;)

Hobby Lobby FOR THE WIN…again!




  1. Awesome job! I love that you found the same (Target) fabric at HL! I also love that I remember that post from 2012 so yes, I’m one of your “old” fans from waaaaay back! My only suggestion is to maybe give them a good coat of Scotchguard since you have 3 kiddos.

  2. What a great idea! I have similar ottomans on my screened porch and never thought of doing this. Now to find fabric….

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