My $20 “New” Ottoman

I’m downright giddy about this one, folks. As you probably know, we’re in the midst of a Family Room Makeover. And if you’ve been a ND follower through my other room makeovers, you know I like to work with what I have whenever possible. This latest project was no exception.

I’ve been drooling over some super cute ottomans everywhere these days. I’ve had two pleather ottomans in our basement forEVER, and it’s been in the back of my mind to pick up some fabric and see if I can just pretty them up instead of buying new ones. I measured what I’d need, and it turned out to be 2 yards. Two yards of some gorgeous fabric would probably cost about the same as this stunner of a curtain panel I saw at Target today, so I decided to throw that $19.99 panel in the cart and couldn’t wait for naptime  quiet time to arrive and experiment.

I didn’t really know if this was going to work or not – I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to staple it somehow, or glue it, or what. I got the curtain panel and ottoman out – here’s what it used to look like…

I started by flipping it upside down to examine the situation;)

Ha – do you love the lego towers in the back?

Here’s where I got super excited (I know, doesn’t take much)…

I noticed the legs AND entire piece UNSCREWED!  Grabbed my screwdriver, and took that puppy off!

YAY! I could just staple the new fabric over the pleather, screw the bottom and legs back in, and we’d be golden! So that’s exactly what I did. Grabbed that stapler and started getting to work…

…and continued all four sides…

It got a little tricky with the corners, but I sort of gathered the sides, and stapled the underneath extra fabric first, then went straight over it with the fabric that was left.


Just had to screw the base back in and flip her over!



SO much fresher and fun than the brown, right?!

The sides are a little pleated, but doesn’t bother me in the slightest.

I have another one of these in the basement, and I’m thinking I need to do that one too!

Best part is, it’s SO secure, that even the constant (and I do mean constant!) wear and tear from my crazy monkeys can’t hurt it;)

Not bad for a $20 curtain!

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