My Hemnes Console Table Makeover and the First Sneak Peek at the New Basement!

Ooooh friends, it is looking SO much happier in my basement these days! I love that moment when you can start seeing it all coming together – it’s so exciting! If you remember back in the early Summer, I announced why we were giving our basement a fresh makeover. Basically, the kiddie toy area wasn’t needed anymore, and therefore the split personality it had from those baby/toddler days was no longer necessary. We could unify the space, make it one big happy family hangout room.

And in typical ND fashion, I’m trying to work with what I’ve got first. Our TV is mounted above a black Hemnes console table. It was always a total hodge podge of STUFF. The DVD player, X-Box, cable box, plus too-small canvas bins of toys and DVDs and board games and puzzles and…stuff.

console table makeover

See what I mean?!

So I knew a coat of paint and new bins would really transform it. I got out my leftover Alabaster paint from my daughter’s room. I gave it a VERY light sanding, wiped the dust off, and slapped some paint on there.

console table makeover

Sorry for the blurry phone pic!

Once it had dried, I took a piece of sandpaper and roughed it up a bit.

console table makeover

I found new bins and baskets, and here we are!

console table makeover

Yes, those are STILL those ottomans I covered with Target curtains from a few years ago. They’re still holding up with constant wear and tear!

I wanted to get the baskets from IKEA that fit perfectly in this Hemnes table, but even though they’re only $15 a piece, that’s $60 for four…and you know me;) So I was at Target, and found these PERFECTLY sized canvas bins in a lovely shade of blue – on sale for $9, THEN I had a $5 off coupon, so I spent like half of what the baskets would’ve cost me! Sweet, right?! I made some little tags out of cardstock and stamps I had – they say “dvds, x-box, stuff, and more stuff

console table makeover

The bins just looked like they needed a little something, you know?

console table makeover

I had three of those small baskets from a while ago – they were just sitting in a closet, and I realized they’d be the perfect size for the top space. I went to JoAnn Fabrics to see if they still carried them so I could pick up one more – and they did!! AND they were 40% off! So I paid a whopping $6.

console table makeover

tv console makeover

The sconces were a 50% off score at Hobby Lobby, and they’re the perfect size to flank the tv! We still have all the DVD/cable box stuff on top, which isn’t the prettiest decor, but this room has to function for our family, so I’m cool with it.

tv console makeover

(Those dots reflected in the TV are leftover from my daughter’s birthday party, in case you were wondering.) Amazing what a difference some paint can make, isn’t it?


console table makeover

Stay tuned for more fun basement makeovers as the saga continues!


  1. It’s beautiful!! Did you seal it with anything?

  2. Wow! This might be my favorite makeover of yours yet!

  3. Beautiful and amazing that you found baskets and bins to fit perfectly!!!

  4. Honestly, that console redo is like night and day. It looks so beautiful now! I need your mind.

  5. Ok but from a fellow Ravens fan, did you keep your Ravens décor??????? It’s beautiful though!

    • hahaha! No, but it found a wonderful home to a fellow hometown girl who surprised her husband with ALL of it for his man cave! 😉

  6. Love this new look! I was trying to add a photo but I saw a cute idea on Pinterest where someone made a “cable box” with a little door on the front with hinges and it hides the cable box when not using it. I’ll try to send it to you on FB.

  7. Michelle says:

    Love the top baskets from joan fabrics- could you advise the size of those?

  8. Jenn Custis says:

    Yes, i would love to know the dimmensions of those baskets to know what would fit mine

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