Easy DIY Fern Art Wall Decor

Been a while since I’ve posted a craft for you! I can hardly call this a craft though – it’s SO easy, so quick, and so inexpensive!

Since we’ve made some changes in the family room, I no longer had a spot for these two frames I used to have hanging up in there…

…and when I was in the storage room the other day, I noticed a handful of extra fern stems leftover from that time I did that DIY Potted Faux Plant for the coffee table…

AND as luck would have it, I had a piece of cute cardstock in my stash with typed words all over it…hmmm…what if I combined all this stuff and made some cute art for our bedroom?!

And ten minutes later, here we are!

I just pressed the fern stem as flat as I could (it wasn’t perfectly flat by any means – I probably should’ve stuck it in a heavy book or something for a while, but we all know patience when it comes to a project is not my strong suit;). I took a couple pieces of double sided tape to hold it in place to the cardstock while I stuck it in the frame. I love how it turned out!

I even ended up being able to just use the ONE single piece of cardstock I had! So that’s right friends, this art was 100% FREE! Can’t beat that.

I love how the dark frames pick up our black headboard, and the green picks up colors in our throw pillows and the plants and stems we have all over the place in there.  It’s always fun to switch things around – especially when you can use stuff that was just collecting dust in the storage room:) Win all around!

Here’s a tip for you, too – I love to snag frames at yard sales because they’re always so cheap, and you can always spray paint them if the color/finish is wrong, or swap out whatever is inside and do so many different things with them. Gallery walls, framing ferns or other plants, kid masterpieces – the possibilities are endless and you’ll hardly spend a thing.

Here’s another tip – if you’re a blogger and taking photos of your bedroom, you might want to wipe that inch of dust off of say, vintage blue suitcases that are under your bench. Just a thought…

Ha! <face palm>

Have a great day, friends!


  1. A great idea and not fussy at all…love it!

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