DIY Potted Faux Fern

I spotted the cutest faux fern plant at Target recently. And you know I’m OBSESSED with my other faux Target plant – you know, that wacky whimsical one that I’ve moved 80 times already because it looks cute EVERYWHERE?!

Well, I was thisclose to putting that fern in my cart last week, and then I thought maybe I could DIY one that looked a little more real. This one in the store was adorable, but the leaves were plastic, and I was looking for something for my coffee table, which meant we’d be up close and personal with this guy on a daily basis – and you could really tell it wasn’t real. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, and maybe it’s just because I’m *starting* to have confidence in my green thumb and loving the real deal a lot these days. But luckily (or dangerous?!) for me, we have a Michael’s in the same shopping center as Target, so I popped in there just to have a look. See if anything hit me that I could create a similar look…

I was in and out in FIVE MINUTES. Don’t you just love it when that happens?!

I left with three things: a pot, and two faux fern bunches.

I liked the texture of these guys more. They’re more paper-y than plastic.

And that pot! How cool is that?!

But when I stuck them in the pot, something was off. (Oh, and I don’t have the floral foam pictured, but I had some of that from the Dollar Tree).

So I started separating each piece, so they were no longer in one bunch.  I started trimming some of them to different lengths. Once I started sticking each piece in, it started looking more haphazard and realistic. Not sure haphazard is the best word, but you know what I mean?

(Constant photobomber Charlie…)

I love the pop of green with the new ottomans. Really feels like Springtime in here now.

And goodness, the wacky plant has moved AGAIN. I think I need to buy like 5 more, ha!

(See? Photobombing again.;) )

Oh! And things are progressing in the nook and cloffice part of this room! Can’t wait to show you. SOON, I promise! I’ve moved the tall fiddle leaf back there and in its place, brought my $5 yard sale desk/table in as a plant stand…

That plant, and the small fiddle leaf in the blue basket peeking out there are both real – see what I’m saying?? WHO AM I AND HOW AM I NOT KILLING ALL THE THINGS?!! And I even have a few more in other rooms. I don’t even understand. But I’m fairly certain my problem boiled down to one thing: I was an OVER-waterer. Who knew that was even a thing?! Not this lady. But I sure as heck do now!

In the end, I only saved about $4 (I spent $26 on all the supplies, and the Target plant is $30), but it’s always fun to create and have something that’s one-of-a-kind!





  1. I have been to Target three times in the past week (trying to find the right rug), and all three times I forgot to look for faux plants, although that said, I have never seen them at the Target I frequent most often.

    I love both of the ones you got, and like how you made the fern look a little more real and free form. 🙂

    I can grow just about anything outside, but house plants, I’ve pretty much given up.

    • Thank you so much, Carole! I’ve never been able to grow anything inside OR outside, lol! So I’m beyond shocked I haven’t killed my inside plants yet – maybe I’ll give the outside thing a try again, ha!

  2. I ordered the craft Target plant and love it! I also love yr DIY fern pot, I found pot at Michael’s, but the only ferns I found were “plasticky” do u have any info on them? Thanks!

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