A Second Dresser Makeover for My Girl’s Room

Long time no blog!

I’ve missed you so:) Those of you who follow my Facebook page know the scoop, but for those who don’t, I had surgery last week to remove that lump. Apparently even though my biopsy was all clear, my immunologist wanted to get it out and check out the tissue to be sure. I can’t tell you how much you, my readers, have meant to me during this whole thing. The prayers, well wishes – I even had a woman – a lymphoma survivor! – come up to me after church on Sunday to hug me and tell me she’s praying for me.  I’ve cried so many tears over the kindness of all of you – I can’t thank you enough. I love you all!

So that’s why it’s been so quiet on the blog. BUT….feeling pretty good now so I thought I’d snap some pics of the other dresser I painted recently for Project Girl’s Room Mini-Makeover. Here’s that one I did last month:

dresser makeover

My aunt who is downsizing was looking for people to take these dressers, and my daughter had a ginormous one that really wasn’t working in her new layout. So I snagged two of them – here’s what I did with the second one…


dresser makeover

I had to think about this guy a bit. I mean, I had the pinky-coral-y one with new hardware, not distressed….what should I do to this one? White was the obvious choice because I definitely didn’t want to throw another color into the mix, plus, I painted the wall behind it (Sea Salt 75% – my go-to 🙂 ). But what about the hardware? Hmmm…

Then it hit me. White on white and chippy. Let the hardware kinda disappear and not play a large role because the pinky one is a little bit on the bolder side. I wanted this one to look unique, and old and give it some character. And since I had SW Alabaster on hand this was a freebie project!!

The dresser was so flat finished that I didn’t even need to sand it. I just removed the hardware, took the drawers out, opened up my can of paint, and went to work! Once it was good and dry, I went over it with my hand sander – even on the drawer pulls. And that was it!

dresser makeovers

dresser makeover

I love how different they are – the first one sweet, colorful, and neat, and this one a little aged, imperfect, and filled with storied and chippy loveliness…

dresser makeover

dresser makeover

Meanwhile, on the OTHER side of the camera…

dresser makeover

Ha! I had to do this. The hilarity that this itty bitty space surrounding her dresser looked perfect while this was behind me, I had no choice but to share;)

As you can see, things are rockin’ and rollin’ in here – hoping to see some paint on that wall within the week! SO excited to see my first Sea Salt plank wall come to life!

Stay tuned…thanks again for your love and prayers! XO



  1. Lynn Haag says:

    I love both dressers – you have such an eye for style and color! Great job.

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