X’s and O’s (and the Valentine’s Day Buffet!)

You might remember my DIY Painted Wood Backdrop for the dining room? (I’d link you up, but we’re still going through the lengthy process of retrieving all of my old posts and attaching them to the new site – bear with us please:)…ANYwho…I created it because I love to switch things up constantly (I know, you’re SHOCKED!), and this acts as a lovely plain canvas for me to create any thing I please for each and every holiday/season. A wreath? Sure! Words? Why not? Kid’s artwork? Yup. Here’s how I’ve decorated it in the past (since creating it in the fall…)




I loved the JOY to the world so much that I thought why not do something similar for Valentine’s Day…then it hit me. I picked up two X’s and two O’s from Michaels, in their unfinished wood section, some scrapbook paper, grabbed my scissors and Mod Podge, and got to work.
First, I chose what paper I wanted to use. Then traced the letters on the back of the paper with light pencil, and cut it as precise as I could. Remember to trace it backwards, as the front of the paper is what you’ll be looking at.
Then, using a foam brush, I gave the wooden letter a light coat of Mod Podge, and quickly laid the paper letter on top.
I wasn’t going to add any more Mod Podge, but once the letters dried, some of the edges appeared to be curling ever so slightly, so I decided to brush the slightest bit of MP on top of each letter, pressing down along the edges so they stayed put. Worked great.
Here’s where I get all fancy on you – how’s I make the letters stick to the backdrop you ask? Why, painter’s tape of course!
I used this oh-so-professional technique for my Christmas letters, and they stayed up for a good month so I figured we were good;)
And here it is!

I think they turned out so fun!


Here’s the whole buffet too, while we’re at it:)


So everything else up there is from last year’s bins (except for the DIY Frame I just posted about!). From left to right: old black lamp I spray painted blue, attached red ribbon around the shade, fake sweetheart roses in a small white pitcher, my LOVE glasses filled with cinnamon candies and flameless votives (another from the archives, that I’ll link up when I can!), an old plate I spray painted red and Mod Podge-d a heart of scrapbook paper onto, and a Home Goods white pitcher I had, filled with Dollar Tree roses. Oh, on top of a heart runner I’ve had so years and years…think Kohl’s maybe?


So that’s the buffet, Valentine’s style…and you know what that means, Spring is up next! Now, I’m not one to wish the time away, but oh hurry please!!;)


  1. Sherri S. says:

    Awe, perfect for Valentinrs Day 😀

    Happy Thursday!

  2. So cute!!

  3. Lynn Haag says:

    Ok, I really think this idea may be the best! So my question (and I know you’ll eventually post the past “post”) but what did you use for the backdrop – the white board w/ aqua trim? I’m hoping it was something simple from Michaels 🙂 I love this idea of using the same “backdrop” and then changing it up for each holiday. I’m an aqua gal so I’ll definitely be coping this! Thanks Liz!

    • Thanks, Lynn! I did a post on it in the Fall, I’m hoping to retrieve (from the spam fiasco!) that post and get it back up on the blog! It was several pieces of plain wood from Lowe’s, gorilla glued together and painted. I used painter’s tape to create a border for the trim. Fingers crossed I find that post and you can see all the details!
      Thanks so much!

      • Oh yes, I’m remembering that project now but when you find it I would love to revisit your directions! I love the idea of using it as your “backdrop” for each holiday. Along the same subject, what are your favorite colors to pair up with aqua? You do it so well!

        • Thank you, Lynn! Oh gosh, I have so many favorites! I think red’s my #1, but I love orange and coral, yellow’s nice…the pink is cute for Valentine’s…don’t think you can lose with aqua! 😉

          • Lynn Haag says:

            That’s what I was thinking – depending on season/holiday it seems like it all goes well w/ Aqua. You’re always my “go to inspiration” so keep up the awesome ideas!

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