The Tale of the $10 Bed: Painting a Headboard and Footboard

I was in the very beginning stages of my daughter’s bedroom makeover when I turned on my computer, went to Facebook, and a friend who lives like 5 houses down the street, posted this maple headboard AND footboard on our town’s local yard sale page.

It was for a full size bed.

My daughter has a full size mattress and box spring.


Yes, you read that correctly.


painting a bed

Oh my goodness, can you see the potential?!!

I couldn’t run over there fast enough!

Now, this would’ve been SO much fun to paint an awesome color (like my daughter’s pink bed), but since her big dresser is that vibrant coral, I knew I only had one choice. I didn’t want too many bright colors competing, so I got out my white paint, mixed in a little Plaster of Paris (to give it a nice flat finish and so that it would adhere without any prep work), and got to work.

painting a bed

Yes, I’m ridiculous when it comes to painting. My husband always laughs at me when he sees the random spots in our house I just decide to attack a project. I’m much more of the “make a mess and clean it up” than the “take my time and prep a space for painting” kinda gal. Don’t be like me. 😉

Since her room was going to have a bit of glam to it, with the gold sparkles and everything, I wanted to give it some vintage-y looking touches too. I like mixing fancy with rustic. I think it makes a room more interesting when you throw in some unexpected. So I got out a piece of sandpaper and roughed up some spots when it was good and dry.

a $10 bed gets a rustic makeover

Hellooooo man hands?! What’s that about?


I didn’t worry about waxing it because a) I’m not a fan of that step for some reason and b) I don’t really care if it chips any more. It’ll only add to the rusticness. Yes, I like to make up my own words. For the record, it hasn’t, nor does it look like it will. It’s holding up exactly the same as the day I painted it, two months ago.


a $10 bed gets a rustic makeover

big girl room

I mean, COME ON! $10?!!! Shoutout to my neighbor for this insane cuteness- you rock, Chris!

You don’t have to spend a fortune decorating, friends. Just keep your eyes peeled for yard sales. 😉


  1. Heather says:

    I prob leave too many comments here, but I love it as usual! I always think, “what lucky kids you have!”
    A question for you:have you/can you cover laminate wood with chalk paint?

    • Aw, you can never comment too much! And thank you:) I’m pretty sure you can – google it, I’m sure you’ll find someone who’s done it!

  2. Can you explain exactly how you painted this wood? I am a newbie to this but I love what you do! I currently have a maple dresser that needs to become white. . .

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