The Great Chair Switch Out (and the spray paint that’s rockin’ my world)

So you might have read about the dining room changes. If not, you can read all about it here. Basically, a rainy day happened, and now it’s undergoing a little makeover. Because that’s what happens when the kids are playing at a neighbor’s house and there’s paint in my house. I’m dangerous. Painted the china cabinet that was black, then blue, now white. Painted the mirror that was originally a gold mirror of my mom’s, then black, then white, now blue…(still with me? Because I can barely keep up and I’m the one who’s done it!). Then my wood table went white (more on that in an upcoming post), and finally, the chairs. But there’s more. I’m not using the chairs that came with the set. Why?

a) because I’m getting tired of them
b) because they’re starting to show their age
c) I want to mix everything up

So my mom, bless her, has some OLD dining room chairs in her basement. She didn’t want them anymore, so while they weren’t the prettiest chairs in their oak form, I thought they could be fun in a color, so I took two. One for each head of the table.

Then we had two chairs in our storage from Paul’s bachelor pad days. They went to a little kitchen set he had back in the day, and I decided they would be fun to play with for one side of the table.

I’ve ordered something for the last remaining side, so that’s a secret for now, but I promise you’ll find out soon;)

So here’s what happened when I got a hold of a few cans of this stuff:

(Peacock Blue -LOVE!- and Satin clear protective spray paint – both Valspar)

Two of these chairs here…

…turned into this:

Could you die with that color? ‘Cuz I could. It’s so dreamy.

And these oak-y lovelies headed outside and got a few coats as well…

And now look so sweet with those lines…

All I did was lightly sand them, wiped the dust off from the sanding, and took them outside on an old large blanket (key being LARGE if you don’t want your grass turning Peacock Blue;), spray with a few coats until you don’t see any more wood coming through. I like to do quick light coats, and come back outside every 5-10 minutes and repeat. It takes almost a can to do a large chair, but I figured since the chairs were free, about $4 for spray paint ain’t bad. When they were good and dry, I gave them a couple coats of the protective spray paint. Gotta have that with my monkeys climbing all over them 24/7. Did this a couple weeks ago and they are holding up beautifully. Not one nick or chip or scratch to be seen. I went with satin finish because I didn’t want them to be super glossy. But you can go glossy if that’s your thing. This stuff is super stinky though, so let it air out and dry as long as you can. I brought them inside that evening.

I’m digging them. Course, I’ve never met a shade of blue that I haven’t loved, so…Amazing what spray paint can do, right?!

Stay tuned for the other side and the white painted table post!

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