The Gold Flecked Wall: AKA The Most Impact a Wall Can Get For $5

First off, thank you all so much for your kind words on yesterday’s post! So happy you love my daughter’s Big Girl Room as much as we do over here!

I mentioned how I’d be going into more detail on the different parts of the room in upcoming posts – so that yesterday’s reveal post wasn’t a book! Today’s post focuses on my favorite part of the room (ok, they’re all my favorites;) – her gold flecked wall. This was a total fluke and not at all what I had intended – but I love it even more than the original plan!

Months ago, when I had chosen the mint/coral/gold color combination for her room, I saw these gold decals at Target.

DIY gold flecked wall

They would be SO perfect for her room! I thought they’d be great to make a cute focal wall. Add some fun to the white walls, you know? But I was buying a ton of stuff that day, and at the time, these gold stickers were $10 a pack. I didn’t want to add $50 onto my already large enough bill;). Somehow, I managed to walk away…

As luck would have it, I was there a couple weeks later and these puppies were on clearance for $4.98! So I spent $25 instead of $50! Woohoo to that!

After I painted her room with Alabaster by Sherwin Williams, I got out these stickers and started putting them on the wall. They’re a half circle shape, and the packaging shows you several choices on the back on how to arrange them. Put two together and make big circles, or just do cute rows, etc…

DIY gold flecked wall

But they’re MUCH larger than I envisioned and I kept playing with them in different patterns and shapes, and they just WERE NOT VIBING with me. Can’t explain it, they just weren’t making me happy in any format.

Luckily, these stickers are amazing and peel right off if you don’t like the way you stuck ’em on the wall, yet, at the same time, they stick like crazy and aren’t in any danger of peeling off. It’s bizarre. But in a great way.

Out of the clear blue sky, I had an idea.

I grabbed my scissors and started cutting triangles from each half circle.

DIY gold flecked wall

And I started sticking them all over the wall. No two are the same, and I like that. They’re like a mix between a triangle and a raindrop. Kinda like little gold flecks all over the wall. I kid you not – since there was no worrying about exact spacing, or exact same flecks, this took 5 minutes – cross my heart. I stuck them all over the wall, stepped back, and WAS IN LOVE.

What a huge impact. The room INSTANTLY transformed. And the best part is, I used less than one package, so I returned four of them…so if you’re doing the math, this major focal point of her room cost a whopping $4.98?!!!!

DIY gold flecked wall

Is that crazy or what?!

diy gold flecked wall

Best part is – if she gets sick of them, it’s only a matter of peeling those stickers off. No harm done to the wall. Awesomesauce.

DIY gold flecked wall

Five bucks. Five minutes. Major impact.

You just can’t beat that!


  1. Wow! I have been waiting to hear about the gold flecks for a few days 🙂 I’m so glad you did this post because I too just bought these when they were on sale for $5 but didn’t care for how big they are. SO excited to try them in triangles, which I love, instead!!!

    • ha! too funny! Yeah, there was just something about the size that I didn’t like for some reason – funny I wasn’t alone! 😉 Thank you, and good luck!

  2. Such a beautiful focal wall. Would have never guessed they were decals! Absolutely adorable. Quick question, do you know if they would work with textured walls?

    • Thank you! I’ve never used them on textured walls, so I don’t know, sorry! Maybe you could try googling it and see if you find an answer! Good luck:)

  3. I got these on clearance the other day and put them on an accent wall for my nursery but they keep peeling off the wall!! I go in there everyday and smooth them back down and the same thing keeps happening. Any suggestions?

    • Oh really?! That’s a bummer:( Only thing I can think of is maybe the finish of your paint on the walls? Ours is flat – maybe that’s the best for stickage?

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