Thankful Tree Turned Snowflake Tree

I’m kinda loving my new Christmas decor in the dining room, people. Ok, not kinda, more like totally. As you might know, the dining room has done a complete 180 since last Christmas. It was ALL black, dark gold walls…and now it’s ALL white, light neutral walls, with touches of aqua. So when I pulled out my decorations, I had to do get creative. There was a LOT of spray paintin’ going on amidst the chaos that is decorating a house for the holidays with three very small *helpers* ;). I’ve got just one more little thing to add to the dining room (that I’ll be making tomorrow night for our monthly Girls Craft Night!), then I’ll share all the lovely new stuff I’ve got going on over here. This project will give you a pretty good hint of what’s to come…

You might recognize this – just last month it was our Thankful Tree:

This project was so crazy easy and cheap, yet makes such an impact. All you need is sticks, silver spray paint, a hot glue gun,  and snowflakes.

I took the thankful tags off, took the branches outside and laid them on a blanket and sprayed them a couple times (rolling over so I got all sides). Once they were dry, I stuck them back in the pitcher and hot glued these cute felt snowflakes I picked up at JoAnn Fabrics. They were in a little bag for a buck maybe?

And that’s that. You can get as grandiose as you want with this – if you have a huge vase, and want to go big, go for it! It would make quite the centerpiece. You can alter the size of the snowflakes too – or even nix the snowflakes idea altogether and use it to hang Christmas cards or old holiday photos. Lots of possibilities here. And gotta love the cost!

Stay tuned for the Dining Room decked out for the holidays coming soon! I *may* be on a bit of a snowflake kick;)

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