Table Makeover in 3 Easy Steps

I know, another end table post. Not only that, another  post that has to do with the Family Room! I promise, one day fairly soon, this room will be complete and life will get back to its crazy norm;)

If you read my last post, you might remember I mentioned the other two tables that were awaiting makeovers. I got to one of them yesterday. It was so easy, pretty darn quick, and made a big ol’ impact. My kinda project! Check out how my table became this:


…from this, in no time at all:

Nothing wrong with it, I just wanted to lighten it up for the new look I’m going for. I mixed some white paint with a little plaster of paris (don’t I always?!) to create a paint that will stick to anything. There’s no sanding, no priming needed when you just mix a little P of P in there – it’s truly the only way I paint now! In just minutes, it went from that wood to white. So there’s Step 1…

But I decided to age it a bit. Here’s where we get into Step 2. I took a piece of sandpaper – pretty fine – 120 grit. I rough it up – paying a lot of attention to the corners and edges – that’s key:) And in minutes, my white table looked like it was decades old…



Once you’re happy with the amount of sanding, get some wax (I use Minwax, can be found in any home improvement store), wipe some on with a rag, wipe it off with another rag a couple minutes later. Step 3 is DONE.

Gives it such a nice feel, so soft and more importantly, protected. Plaster in Paint, Sand, Wax. In just 3 easy steps your furniture can have an entirely  different feel. Amazing!

Sorry I don’t have any pics of it inside, but you can rest assured you’ll see it when I post the reveal!! Starting to come down the homestretch – I can see the finish line and I’m ECSTATIC! Cannot wait to show you!!

One more end table post to go…;)

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