Spring Mantel 2013

Ah, my mantel. With our TV mounted above it, it’s always such fun to decorate. {Being 100% sarcastic, in case you didn’t pick up on that}. It’s literally been naked since I took down the LOVE letters and banner for Valentine’s Day. I decided enough was enough, I was going to figure this puppy out. I can’t go too crazy because when I do, it looks way too busy in there. The bookcases flanking the fireplace have lots going on, naturally, so I’ve learned that plain and simple is the best bet when it comes to dressing up the mantel. I’ve already got enough picture frames, knick knacks, etc in the bookcases to add more ‘stuff’ to the mix. I looked in my spring bin and pulled out some forsythia garland. I used this in other years draped through our chandelier in the dining room, but now that I had that forsythia centerpiece on the table in there, I figured that was going slightly overboard. I have a ton of mason jars…I could do something with those…I had a lot of ribbon in pretty spring looking colors that I wasn’t using…and some yarn eggs that I didn’t know what to do with from a couple years back…I starting getting an idea.

I picked up some tulips at Walmart for 97 cents each – and they’re very pretty! They had six left, so I grabbed every last one. Stuck them in 6 mason jars, wrapped my old ribbon around the top of each jar, and stuck an egg (to match the ribbon) in them. Draped the garland around and DONE.



At first, I had a few extra eggs and the cute little bunnies (that my kids are obsessed with), so I scattered them around the garland.


Then I thought maybe less was more, and took them out. Still can’t make up my mind, by the way.


Then two of my little helpers came in and checked things out, adding the bunnies back in the mix…

Love how Batman’s pointing, offering his decorating expertise;)

So that solves the dilemma for the next month. I’ve got a DIY project to work on that should solve the issue for a good while after the Spring decor comes down – stay tuned for that one – I think it’s gonna be a good one! (Or at least I’m hoping;)

Happy Almost Spring!

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