Simple Valentine’s Day Decor Ideas

The Dollar Tree comes through again! I popped in there the other day to get inspired, and just grabbing a few things, I was able to add some lovey-doveyness to our home.

I grabbed this 9 feet heart garland.

I played around with it, tried looping it through the chandelier rungs (is that what they’re called? Sounds weird…ANYwho…), it wasn’t looking so hot. So I simply took it apart (it’s just felt and little loops that are easily separated), and hung little strips from the rungs instead.

It’s a little different, and I like it:)

I had one more little strand left, so I added it onto some shelves.

Also added some old plates of my grandmother’s, and stuck a few fake roses (again, Dollar Tree purchase!) in my aqua jars. Oh, and let’s not forget about that gorgeous thermostat! That really adds just the right touch, don’tcha think? 😉

Speaking of roses…you know, I used to have this real thing against fake flowers. Like big time. But in recent years, my phobia’s let up a lot. And let’s face it, after the Christmas decor comes down, what bare house couldn’t use a touch of color here and there, right? So I grabbed a few bunches, and placed them in my white pitchers. Here’s a big one (from HomeGoods)…

…and a teeny-tiny one…

That little bunch of sweetheart roses actually came from Michaels – and set me back a whopping $2. Love the punch of red against the white and pale blues.

I also picked up a bag of rose petals (you might remember those from the LOVE glasses). I threw some in a glass vase, added a white candle, and wrapped the vase in ribbon (from the Dollar Tree). I thought it needed some height, so I placed it on a cake stand I had (a 50 cent yard sale find from a while back!). Scattered some pink and red heart confetti (again, Dollar Tree!), and I had my centerpiece.


That runner is from several years back – I think I picked it up at Target.

Oh! And good news. My Facebook friends might have seen that photo of my broken Conversation Heart Wreath from last year. I hot glued it back together, used some red ribbon leftover from Christmas, and hung that bad boy up on our mirror!

Thumbs-up for a saved wreath! 🙂
Another decoration I pulled out from last year is my doily banner

Doesn’t show up as well this year,  now that the buffet table is white instead of black, but I can deal;). It’s just a string of jute, with mini red clothespins and heart shaped doilies. You could also attach Valentine’s Day cards if you like.

I had these red hearts from the Dollar Tree – I hung them from the chandelier last year, but this year, I decided to do something different with them.

I simply attached a string of jute and taped them to the top of my china cabinet.

So that about wraps up my expensive (ha!) purchases. Hope you found something you can use for your own home! Love that Dollar Tree!

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