Simple, Easy, and THRIFTY Ways to Cozy Up Your Space

I don’t know why I get so bummed at the thought of Summer ending every year. It’s like I forget how truly amazing Fall is, and how much I stinking LOVE IT!

I begrudgingly pulled out the Fall bins yesterday, and as soon as the top came off – I mean THAT VERY SECOND – I was reminded of all the beauty, coziness, and just plain awesomeness Fall has to offer. And the decor? So gorgeous, with the oranges, yellows, golds, reds, oh my! Even my husband came home from work, saw all the Fall pillows on the couch and agreed that our family room comes alive when September hits. I don’t do a ton, or spend a lot of money, but it significantly ups the cozy factor and makes me wanna grab a cuppa coffee, throw on my sweater, take in all the crisp, cool air and say, “Summer Who?”

Here are some simple, easy, and thrifty ways I do it…

1. Candles.

Really, do I have to even explain that one? What is it about a candle that just emotes come sit on this couch, plop your feet up, and grab a book? I just picked this guy up yesterday at JoAnn Fabrics for 50% off (it was $4.99!) – it has a freaking chalkboard on it for you to customize and smells like Fall in a glass. I mean. How could I leave it in the store?! SOLD.

Decorating your space for Fall

Simple ways to decorate for Fall

decorating for Fall, Fall mantel

Decorating for Fall

2. Natural elements.

Ok, these are technically FAKE natural elements, courtesy of Michael’s, but they still give you the warm and fuzzies. Stick any type of pumpkin, gourd, wheat bundle, or leaf any and everywhere you can think of, and you’re Fall-ing up the joint in no time. (Also, see above picture. Combine candles AND leaves and gourds?! Get out of town. So Fall I can’t even stand it).

Natural elements, decorating for Fall

Decorating for Fall, Fall Decor, Coffee table bowl

simple ways to decorate for Fall

3. Check out your pantry.

In the pic I just posted, you’ll see that little glass with popcorn kernels and a votive candle. I’m a huge believer in using cool filler like that. Stock up on some Dollar Tree glasses, and check out what you’ve got to throw in there. I love salt at Christmas time (to look like snow), conversation hearts at Valentine’s Day, and things like dried beans, popcorn kernels, and candy corn make a festive statement. I like to use battery operated candles when I’m working with this stuff though, so I don’t melt anything! But if you’re just filling space in shelves and won’t actually light it, go for it!

Dollar Tree glasses + popcorn kernels

4. The Dollar Tree

Talk about thrifty decorating! Hit that Dollar Tree. In addition to the glasses I just discussed, they have leaves galore. And these super cute little pumpkins – throw ’em here, there, everywhere – on a table top, on a shelf, or plop a few in a bowl – done! Perfect for accenting any space with a touch of Fall and color. (And your secret’s safe with me that you only spent a buck or two!)



5. Textures

Here a throw, there a throw, everywhere a throw throw – this is how I roll. I’m uhhhbsessed with throws. Even in the summertime – I mean, air conditioning is COLD, people!! But in the Fall and Winter, forgetaboutit. I go throw blanket happy. They add such a nice textural element to a couch. That, and some cozy pillows with even more textures goin’ on, and there’s a spot I ain’t leaving anytime soon.

@homegoods pillows, Fall decorating


I mean, even the pillow agrees.

And yes, these aren’t as thrifty as the other ones listed, but you can buy a throw for $15-$20 at places like Marshalls, or HomeGoods, and pillows from $10-$20 there also. If you buy one or two a year, in a few years, your room will be Fallified, and they’ll pay for themselves over time.  At least this is what I tell my husband;) hehehe…

6. Swap out picture frames with seasonal shots.

I love switching out photos for each season, and talk about cheap – and takes what, 10 seconds?!



7. And finally, WORDS.

I absolutely love chalkboards. STILL. Some people might think they’re on their way out, but to them I say NONSENSE! Maybe it’s the teacher in me, I don’t know, but I think they’re awesome. And the perfect way to customize – or in this case, cozysize (what is WRONG with me today, I just can’t help myself, I apologize) any space. I got this picture frame from my mom – she was getting rid of it, so I painted the outdated frame a nice chalky blue, and spray painted the glass insert with chalkboard paint. And now, I MUST tell you about my favorite new thing – the chalk marker!! Why am I so late to this party?! It’s awesome. Like chalk, like paint, like marker. All in one. Bought it at JoAnn’s, and a company called Bistro makes it. It worked like a charm and made my words show up so much better. Oh- back to the words. Man, I can go off on a tangent…

fall words for chalkboard

I just wrote a bunch of seasonal words on there, and used stencils for the word FALL. Easy peasy.


So there you have it. My simple ways to cozy up your space and make it ready for this wonderful time of year!

Now…where’s my cider and pumpkin pie?!!




  1. Ready to have your mind blown…
    I am so excited to use this! I love a tidy chalkboard!

  2. Adorable!!!!

  3. Lovely! Your living room lends itself perfectly to fall colors. I think I’ll get myself some mini pumpkins.

  4. Sarah Warfield says:

    Love the ideas. Be careful with the chalk marker.mi had trouble removing it at the end of Christmas. Or maybe there is a trick I am not aware of?

  5. I REALLY need to get that lamp, I just LOVE it in every season!

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