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You know I love me some HomeGoods. Like borderline – ok, ok – WAY over the borderline obsessed with the place. I have purchased some awesome stuff there over the years, but I think recently I bought my Numero Uno purchase of all time. It’s a rockin’ bird cage/photo holder/thing-a-ma-jig. I buy a lot of ‘thing-a-ma-jigs’ there – items that are so awesome that I’m not even really sure what to name them.

It fits SO WELL in our new family and this picture doesn’t come close to doing it justice, since I’m not showing you it in the grand scheme of things. (Can’t give too much away before the big reveal! 😉

It came with those jute strings and clothespins, and some fake black and white photos to show you how cool it would look with some old pics hanging from the pins. But since it’s very close to the Gallery Wall, I wanted to do something un-photo-ish with it.

I’m dubbing this awesome bird cage my “Seasonal Words Thing-a-Ma-Jig” from this day forth. 😉

With Thanksgiving less than a month away, I have officially busted out my very first Turkey Day craft for you!
And even if you don’t have this cool Seasonal Words Thing-a-Ma-Jig to work with, you can still do this craft. Just hang the words from a shelf, a mantel, an empty large picture frame with chicken wire – there are lots of ways you could make this work for you. Best part is, this is a SUPER quick and incredibly cheap project.

I picked up some lovely, super thick paper in the scrapbook paper aisle at Michaels. It’s a perfect autumnal color, with a raised dot texture on it. I already had some cream craft paint and stencils (my favorite of all time, Rustic 4inch letters from Hobby Lobby. I use these bad boys TO DEATH).


Pretty self-explanatory:) I cut same size squares out, dabbed some paint inside the stencil, lifted the stencil up and just tidied the rough edges up a bit. Since I had more jute and clothespins, it was a piece of cake to simply hang them up!


Fifteen minute project, gotta love that!

And if you don’t own stencils, you could always just find a font on your computer, enlarge it to the size you want, print and cut it out, and trace the letter. Fill it with paint and you’re set! I love that I can switch it up for seasons, holidays…
“Trick or Treat”
“O Holy Night”
“Joy to the World”
“Love is all you need”
“He is Risen”

Ok, I’ll stop now;)

So once again, HomeGoods, I profess my love to thee and your amazing finds;) Are you a total HomeGoods fanatic too?!

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