Plastic Crab + Gold Spray Paint = Awesome Glam Goodness

This may be my quickest and shortest post and project yet.

This project took all of 5 minutes.

This post will actually take longer to type than this project took to create;)

My mom picked up this cute plastic crab at some cute shop recently.

gold spray painted crab

She had to buy it, because, well, we’re Marylanders. And when you’re out and spot a crab, you simply have no choice but to have it in your life.

That’s just how we roll.

But the colors just weren’t vibing in her house.

I told her to hand it over and I went home. And five minutes later, she now has a fancy shmancy gold crab for her bookshelf.

gold spray painted crab

It’s going to look soooo good in her house – this was the best photo op I could think of with my decor (other than my daughter’s room, we’re pretty much a silver and nickel household). If I had an ounce of patience, I’d have waited and gotten better pics. We know patience is not my strong suit when it comes to sharing posts with you fine people, though, right?!

gold spray painted crab

So basically, the lesson here is this:

Gold spray paint can make anything look fancy and fantastic.

gold spray painted crab

I think I need one of these guys in my life;)


  1. nicole says:

    great idea!! love it.

  2. Makes me want to find a gaudy moose (we’re in NH) and glam it up! This is awesome!

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